Deer attack

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    Man in Victoria (south east mainland Australia) was attacked by his pet deer when he went to feed it.
    He subsequently died from injuries. The species of deer is unknown but probably a Sambar deer. These deer are big can weigh around 230 kgs (over 500 lbs) and in fact are heavier than a male lion.
    Just shows you that these animals can never be truly domesticated.
    I also hear that the mans wife was injured and saved by their son who hit the deer with a lump of wood.

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    Depending on which news service one listens to, the deer was either a red deer or a red deer / wapiti cross. In the published photos it looks more like a red than a cross. Most people with experience know that male deer in particular can't be domesticated and become highly aggressive during the rut. Being raised as a pet they have no fear of man. Sadly, all too many people with no idea buy a hobby farm and come to grief one way or the other.
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