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I would get the 404 jeffries if I had to have another rifle. Most of my reloading books show that the 375 ultra mag needs a 26in barrel and about 20 more grains of powder to get about 200fps more with the 300 grain bullet over the 375H$H. This is also show up with the 7mm, 30, and 33 calibers too. Lenny
How does the Cabelas thing work I live in Colorado The object is in Michingan?
How does the Cabelas thing work I live in Colorado The object is in Michingan?

You have to call the cabelas closest to you. They will transfer the gun from Michigan to your cabelas. My dad lost a CZ .375 h&h this way. Lol.
He himed and hawed over it....went back to get it and they transfered it out.

They charge $25 to do the transfer.
I did the transfer thing with my Ruger Safari in .416 Rigby through Bass Pro Shops Fine Gun Library. Went off without a hitch.......While the general concensus is that the .375 H&H is probably the perfect DG/PG rifle, don't count out the .416 Rigby. I used it on everything from a Klipspringer at 200yds to my Cape buffalo and everything in between. Worked like a champ. Just remember to use solids for the "small stuff". As long I'm within 250yds, I'm confident with it.
Hey Bart I have a very nice 'original' Westley Richards .425 to sell! If you want tradition in a caliber why not start here!
Not that much known about it! It started life being ordered by the head of the Kenyan Game department and saw service there before being brought down to Rhodesia...but from there it's history is shrouded! It's well cared for and was clearly much loved! It has a 28" barrel which makes it very accurate but unwieldy in the thick stuff!
Hey Bart I have a very nice 'original' Westley Richards .425 to sell! If you want tradition in a caliber why not start here!

Ole Bally!!! I'd jump on it, in a flash!
On 425's. Here's a Westley Richards 425 with a 24" barrel:

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Did a transfer from the Cabela's in Hamburg PA to my locall FFL dealer, it was simple. Pay for the rifle via credit card, M/O and have your FFL dealer send them a copy of their licence. If you are a gunsmith and have the FFL yourself, they will ship it to your business address.

Remember the days you could order military surplus rifles from the NRA and just have them delivered to your front door, no paperwork? Times have changed.
Gave up my FFL last month. It isnt wroth the ATF inspections and scrutiny. They treat you like a criminal just because you make and sell rifles. The Atf should be put in check too much power over your business! They literally take delite in finding any little thing you may have done wrong. Plus being able to invade my privacy at thier wihm made it not worth it any more. Plus in this economy selling a .25 MOA rifle for 3500USD is hard. You can buy a rem 700 ADL for about 425USD pretty much killing the business there not junk either.
After hunting Zimbabe, my decision is that a Marlin 1895 in 47/70 with Garrett amminution is best for Elephant on down, it's awsome!

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I'm trying to obtain an Australian Visa, but I was arrested over 10 years ago and the government is requesting a state police clearance letter and character declaration letter. Do I need to provide an FBI criminal record check as well?

This is the most difficult place I have ever tried to get into.


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Should have recieved it, seems your FFL was a bit of a hassle