Come to Australia...

Anton, I mailed the article and photos as they were sent to me by a friend. Not having seen the spider and snake personally, I can not vouch for the authenticity, but the last time I looked, Perth was in Western Australia. As for coming to Africa, neither snakes nor spiders can deter me (and I'm bringing my .375 H&H for those pesky buffalo!). Soon, I hope!

Bugger the snake pics, send pics of those "pesky buffalo" as soon as you have introduced them to your .375H&H...

PS Perth hasnt moved it is still in Western Australia
Bugger the snake pics, send pics of those "pesky buffalo" as soon as you have introduced them to your .375H&H...

PS Perth hasnt moved it is still in Western Australia

:hail:Your command is my wish, master!:zen:
Love Iceland nothing more dangerous than the odd polar bear .......... or freezing to death on a glacier .............. or a volcano ...... nothing to worry about ........ really !
I would love to come to Australia.... for the ladies. The women are killer.
yep the most bueatifull women in the world my horny little mate but.......

just remember how cute she is
some bloke is some where is still sick of her shit ha ha ha ha (hope my darling wife doesn't see this )


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Bluey, I am a horny little mate but I am a Catholic. God matters to me as does love. I know a sweet, kind lady who lives in Perth with an absolutely gorgeous daughter. Absolutely beautiful. I love women even though they drive me crazy and one of these days I plan on marrying a beautiful little dolly and having a BIG Catholic family with her!!

I do plan on visiting the sweet lady in Perth. I may be able to stop by in your neck of the woods.
sounds good ,
give me as much notice as you can and I will try to take you on a good walk into some good country for a samba deer .or fishing for a couple of days.
im the best bloke in the world to go trout fishing with as I rarely catch any ,I make everyone that fishes beside me look good .
I respect your faith mate , and appolagise if I upset anyone with the last post it was put up in good humour .....:laughing::eek:hbrother:
No Bluey I was not at all offended. I laughed and appreciated it. I do have a sense of humor that tends to get me in trouble, if that is any indication of the type of guy I am. But I find Australian women to be absolute beauties and that accent! AAHH!! Would love to take one back to Texas with me.

Bluey, I have heard that most Australian girls are basically conservative and have eye for marriage.
I think they are after security and the knowledge that they will looked after in most cases .
but in saying that most of our chicks are wild and not scared to hook in and have a go , and you don't want to know about their temper
but in all they love life and are good fun to have around the camp
they are one of the boys in nearly all adventures
but its thier dads that you need to have on side bloke ,
l always tell my daughter that its my god given right to dislike her boyfriends , and I plan on fulfilling it to its fullest as does every other bloke l know that has a teenage daughter
Spiders you can step on are fine, spiders that require a 410 with buckshot I can live without!

Generally here in Oz we just use a big Waddy stick and whale the F#@* out of them.
:laughing:havnt heard of a waddi for a long time C4, my youngest boy calls em a youllby (you'll be f!@ked when this hits ya )
same ending tho I suppose
Well, Bluey, your Australian girls sound like our girls down here in Texas. Most of the girls in the South and the West are great girls, lovely to look at and wonderful to be around. I will say that most girls do look for a guy that will take care of them and love them. I thought that girls liked jerks and I used to be a pea-brained jerk and girls did flock to me, but I've found that I'm now attracting a better class of broad just by being a good man who cares about God and love and family.

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