Cancellation Hunt Marco Polo -14000USD Kyrgyzstan

well said davidarizpe
As an update to the goings on with us trying to get this resolved. We have agree, just yesterday with the outfitter Adilet Ulukmanov and with Ibexhunter to pay in full the amount owed to them for the hunt, if they would cover the cost of what we would have to pay the US Import Broker for their fees for us to import the trophies into the US. The outfitter Adilet Ulukmanov, stated in an email that " We are not being serious" in our attempt to get this resolved.

In addition I have asked the outfitter to provide some pictures of the capes and hides of the Ibex so we have knowledge that they were well taken care of and that the hair in intact and not slipping. The outfitter Adilet Ulukmanov stated that " We will just have to take his word that they are in good shape" He also made comments of "That shit happens on hunts and that nothing always goes as planned". This was made in reference to my inquiry of the mistakes that were made on our hunt and the fact the the police had confiscated out Ibex in relation to what the outfitter had not done with the proper paperwork or documentation.

We had everything arranged with US Fish & Wildlife in advance to clear our trophies with them in Chicago on our return flight. They actually met with us in Customs asking were our trophies were. We arranged this in advance so we wouldn't have had to use a import broker here in the US.

We have now came to the conclusion that we will never see out horns or capes from this hunt, we also realize that all along this was never going to happen and that they the outfitter, Adilet Ulukmanov or the booking agent Ibexhunter had any plans on insuring that we would get our trophies complete and in quality shape. I can even imagine if we had sent the funds and then still not received the trophies as promised. We have done the hunt, have the memories of the hunt and even have some fantastic pictures of the Ibex we all took. I will just have to place a picture of my Ibex in my trophy room, rather than the mount of the animal.

If there is a respectable, honest outfitter who offers Ibex hunts I would like for you to contact me as I am most interested in returning to get the mount I so desire. I will take the money I have from this last trip and apply it towards a new memorable hunt in the future.

I am posting this here in order to help fellow future hunters, help them know the ins and outs of a hunt overseas and what to expect. If anyone needs any follow up info on this hunt or details on the outfitter or booking agent. I can be reached at


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I ran across a message from you a couple of years ago while I was going through old emails. I have arranged a second bison hunt in Nebraska in September 2024, about 6-years after the first, when my supply of bison meat was exhausted. My email is [redacted].
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