Botswana: Buffalo Kills Woman & Rwanda: Teenager Attacked By Buffalo

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May 3, 2017
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Buffalo kills woman, leaves baby unharmed

Kachikau police are investigating an incident in which a buffalo killed an 80-year-old woman on the outskirts of Kavimba this morning.

Station commander, Superintendent Situme Budani, said the woman was certified dead at the hospital.
He said the police received a report from a passerby who found an un-harmed seven-month old girl in the bush next to a lifeless body of her grandmother. The buffalo was spotted a few metres away from the duo as if standing guard.

Supt Budani said the police killed the buffalo, while the baby was treated and discharged from the hospital.
He said the elderly woman had gone into the bush to look for her missing goats.
This is the second incident this month in which a wild animal killed a person in Kachikau police jurisdiction.

Teenager attacked by buffalo in Musanze

On the morning of September 30 in Musanze District, Kinigi Sector, 14-year-old Phocas Manizabayo was attacked and badly wounded on his thigh by a buffalo.

Early in the morning at around 6:00 am, the young man left home to go buy soap but before he could get there, he met a herd of buffaloes that were headed back to the park.

According to the Executive Secretary of Kinigi Sector, Fred Agire Rudasingwa, Manizabayo met the group of about 50 buffaloes and one of them attacked him from behind, with its horn.

He was left nursing injuries where he is being treated in Ruhengeri Referral Hospital.

Rudasingwa, told The New Times that this is not the first time a stray animal from the park has attacked a resident.

“The buffaloes often leave the park, usually in the night. They not only attack people, but also eat and destroy people’s crops. We are lucky it did not kill the young man,” he said.

“In terms of what RDB does to reduce these kinds of encounters, we have taken a multi-pronged approach. Firstly, RDB put in place two physical barriers to keep the animals in the park, namely a 74km stone wall, that is between 150 cm and 200 cm, as well as a ditch 50 cm deep and one meter wide.”

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