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  • Love your rifle! I'm needing a heavier rifle for Africa. Sold my .375 Dakota Safari several trips ago. Would you have any interest in a trade of some sort involving the custom 338/06 I have listed here on the site ( I have some room on my asking price. I also have a large quantity of the reloading components and new Redding dies as well as a box of A-Square Dead Tough ammo.
    I wold love to have a conversation with you if you care to discuss any possibilities.
    Gary (417)860-5888
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FDP wrote on gearguywb's profile.
Good morning. I'll take all of them actually. Whats the next step? Thanks, Derek
Have a look af our latest post on the biggest roan i ever guided on!

I realize how hard the bug has bit. I’m on the cusp of safari #2 and I’m looking to plan #3 with my 11 year old a year from now while looking at my work schedule for overtime and computing the math of how many shifts are needed….
Safari Dave wrote on Kevin Peacocke's profile.
I'd like to get some too.

My wife (a biologist, like me) had to have a melanoma removed from her arm last fall.
Grat wrote on HUNTROMANIA's profile.
Hallo Marius- do you have possibilities for stags in September during the roar? Where are your hunting areas in Romania?