Almost Finished a 9.3x62

all other things aside, the grain goes nicely through the pistol grip, and that matters more than just about anything else.
as far as iron sights, another scope and mounts might be cheaper.
a good compact scope ot the correct magnifications will always be faster, more accurate, and better in lower light than irons.
and modern scopes might stand up to hard situations as well as irons anyway.
Nice looking rifle, Dave.
Have been working on a custom 9.3x62 off and on for a while, honey-doo projects and a new trophy room kept pushing it to the back burner. I had a old FN mauser in 30/06 with a shot out barrel. so I sent the action to Roger Ferrell from the gunmakers guild and he did the barrel work and rust bluing. (24 in tapered octagon barrel ) I did the stock work. Had a old english walnut blank that didn't look like much but boy did I get a surprise when I started cutting into it. Was very pleased with the fiddle back and nice grain pattern that came out. All that is left is to checker the stock.

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I must of missed this when you posted it, that is a first class job, beautiful wood & metal work.
@MS 9x56 loaded with scope it is right at 10.25 lbs , balance is perfect and carries like it weights a pound less.

@rdog I used two coats of english red oil stain and 24 coats of trueoil. I then used rotten stone to rub the gloss finish back to the egg shell matte finish .

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Our trophy shed is filling up and we are only getting started,

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Sir ,is that picture of you packing the shoshone river trail thru buffalo pass? Im trying to get a plan togather for a ride. do you pack professionally or for pleasure. thanks
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Is this rifle sold? If not what is the weight of it and do you know if there is enough difference in diameter between the 35W and the 9.3 to allow for a rebore to a 9.3x62 which is what I am after?
Gary (Just down the road in Springfield)
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Forgive me if this is the incorrect area, I signed up to this forum just now because I wanted to be on the list to purchase a copy of your autobiography. Please feel free to pass my information along to whomever is selling. Thank you so much. I look forward to it!
I like the Tillie in my picture. They are supposed to fit loose (2 fingers inside hat band), have mesh for cooling, and hold their shape after washing.