AGENT: Has Anyone Hunted Or Has Experience With EAI Outdoors?

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Mar 23, 2017
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I have gone thru the list of safari outfitters, some 1205 posts, and I noticed a lot of the same outfitters being talked about. I also noted some were rather "shady", putting it nicely, in their total customer service/satisfaction, leaving it at that.

I will be hunting a 5 animal plains game package, 7 1/2 hunting days during a 10 trip, in South Africa with EAI Outfitters. Note this is my first time to SA and first time dealing with any type of outfitter, to include here in the USA, often referred as a pay hunt.

Along with this hunt for extra fees, comparatively reasonable, I can opt for animals of opportunity during my hunt. To which I plan to make use of.

I am curious; What are the differences between all the various favorably mentioned outfitters and EAI to which EAI has little/ no mention?

After my adventure, I will post my experiences good and/ or bad on this website.
To reverse the question. What did you like about them enough to choose them?
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I believe EAI is a hunt booking agent. Do you know who the Safari Outfitter they set you up with is? and where in SA you will be hunting?
I have talked with him when I started looking 6 years ago. Seemed a little odd to me and made to many big promises I thought. They hunt out of the east cape and I have heard good and bad from people who have hunted with them.

They have been around for years and they eai is the agent cant remember who the ph is or name of the camp. I would think you will be fine as they have been around awhile.
The outfitter you will use is Kubusi Safaris and you will be well taken care of. We hunted with them last year and had a great time.

While I'm not a fan of Ed with EAI, me and my group have nothing but good things to say about Kubusi.

PM me if you have any questions.
Hi, We hunted Kubusi Safaris 1n 2015 and had a wonderful time. PH's were Greg and Dion and they were professional and fun. I would hunt with them again. Ed from EAI Outdoors is slow with communications but it worked out ok.
going on my first African hunt through EAI this may, and it is still at Kubusi in east London area. yes Ed can be slow to get back to you if you use email but if i call he answers all my questions. hopefully in just over a month i'll have a good hunt report to post. ;)
To reverse the question. What did you like about them enough to choose them?[/QUOT)


Answer to reverse the question, why I chose EAI.

Out of curiousity I decided to look into how much an African sarafi costs. So I did what most people do, I did a Google search. After reviewing prices, inclusions and exclusions of 5 different outfitters I called it quits.

Then more and more hunting shows started showing hunts in Africa, which renewed my interest in a safari, and I started searching google again.

About my 4th search, I looked at EAI Outdoors, made the call, received and reviewed their ad packet, said to myself I can afford that and called Ed. We discuss a package. Then we hung up.

After a couple of more days of googling, and repeated watching the videos he inclosed in the packet, reviewing his price sheet vs other outfitters price sheets, checked out the comment/review sections, a second call to Ed with more questions (Questions to ask your outfitter before you pay; from one of my hunting magazines). I felt comfortable his answers.

More thought on wheather to "pull the trigger" or forget about a safari.
I decided to go on safari. Called Ed, and booked my hunt.

As always....Thank God....or Damn be Murphy's (Law)....stepped in and I had my hip replacement surgery finally scheduled, 3 months before my safari. Called Ed, instead of my deposit being refunded we worked out hunt dates for this year and upgraded my hunt package with a discount on top.

This said, short answer; price, fully fair chase, full service.

Thus far: I'm happy with EAI.

EAI was the first outfitter I came across to offer the most for the price. There are probably other outfitters that offer the same. I just didn't find them. But then I only searched through maybe 20 African outfitters
and I was not looking to hunt DG, as a first timer to SA.
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I booked thru Ed with EAI for my first safari in 2009 and yes the hunt is conducted at Kubusi.
Ed can be hard to contact sometimes as he is sometimes "out and about" doing other things.
Our first leg of our flight (GRR to ATL) was delayed/cancelled due to weather and we had to rebook on the way down. I had booked our flights with the travel agency that Ed recommended and they had us rebooked for our flight and hotel in Jo'burg within 30 minutes of us contacting them, so couldn't ask for better service.
We were disappointed with the tent camp at Glen Boyd though (I don't know if this has changed or not). It was April and cool at night. They didn't have enough blankets or heaters in the tents and about froze. We only saw James (Kubusi owner) once and that was to pay the bill at the end of the hunt but these are our only negative thoughts. Good things: Great support service by the travel agency. Excellent PH staff (I met three of the guys currently shown on the Kubusi web site). Plenty of game (6 out of 7 animals taken made the SCI book).
Look forward to hearing about your hunt.
I am just adding to what tracker49 said. We came from Dallas and it was 100+ degrees. Glen Boyd was very cool in September, blankets were fine, but the cabins were very cool with just a small fire place. You might consider a small heater of some sort. Tuskers camp was very nice and a big improvement but still on the cool side. Both camps were very livable not complaining, but coming from 100 degrees to 35-40 was like winter to our group.
Thank You folks for your helpful replies.

Since I'm leaving in June looks like I'll be adding sweat pants to my packing list to sleep in or for an extra layer of warmth for morning and evening hunts.
Ha I went in 2014 in winter (July) at Glen Boyd Chalets water was backwards we took cold showers for 10 days figured it out the last day I didn't want to be the guy to bitch but I guess I should have said something . I tell you it doesn't take long to shower in cold water when its 40 degrees in the chalet.
I used Ed's travel agent again and had terrible luck never nwered phone when called 2-3 weeks for reply to emails so I use Lori at travel express now she is top notch.
WHA here. My nephew was ripped off on a hog hunt by Ed. I wouldn't trust him.

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