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Good day AH community,

We unfortunately have had a cancellation and as a result we have had a tag from our very limited quota has become available. This has thus resulted in a fantastic opportunity for someone to hunt a Reserve Dugga boy in a world class area. We will be hunting old Dugga boys the proper way with no size limit. Expected size is 34" to 40" inches. Not the biggest spreads but plenty of ancient bulls which in our opinion is the real trophy! The hunting will be hard and honest and any buffalo hunted here will have been hard earned. We work on a community based quota and all meat goes to the community that borders the reserve. We are excited to once again offer you this hunt at a truly incredible reserve. This hunting is as fair chase as it comes and the fitness levels required are high. It is a world class area for proper old-school Buffalo hunting. The hunt will take place on a 45,500-acre reserve with rolling hills, flat land areas and big mountains.

They are truly a noble adversary and its for this reason we choose to conduct our hunts to the highest standard. The Buffalo bulls on this reserve carry the original Addo Buffalo gene (with a small introduction of Kruger genetics many years ago) and have not been interfered with since their introduction and are thus not as wide as some of the other Buffalo we may hunt on our concessions. Thus that is the reason that the pricing for this hunt is a bit lower. The days are long with them consisting mainly of with checking roads, checking waterholes for likely tracks and of course, hunting.

Hopefully someone can jump on this offer! It is one of those rare gems that comes along every now and then! 2025 is already booked out based on projected quotas.

The hunt has to take place between May and Sept with the beginning of Sept being a possibility.
1x Buffalo Bull
7x Hunting days
44,500 acre reserve
No size limit

$8200 All Inclusive per Hunter
€7485 All Inclusive per Hunter

*Buffalo cow can be added
*Other animals can be added at additional cost.
*Other hunters/observers welcome at additional cost.

Package includes:
• Licensed Professional Hunter, a Tracker, Skinner and hunting vehicle.
• Accommodation on a full board basis, incl. non-alcoholic drinks and table beer/wine
• Transfer from and to Johannesburg international Airport.
• Transport between and on hunting Area A and Area B
• Laundry service (Except on Sundays).
• Field preparation of Trophies.

Package excludes:
• Flight from and to Johannesburg International Airport, and any national flights from one concession to the next.
• Hard tack (whiskey, brandy etc)
• Firearms and ammunition. (Rifle Hire available at request)
• Hotel accommodation before and after the hunt – if required.
• Taxidermy, packing, insurance, transport.
• Dipping and shipping of trophies.
• Personal expenses ex. Tips, Telephone, Souvenirs etc.
• Tourist Programmes

We hope to hear from you all!

Contact us at: for more info
+27 719821685 - Dempsey Bayly (available on WhatsApp)
+27 833994593 - Michael Sippel (German speaking available on WhatsApp)

Keep up with us on our various social media platforms:

Instagram: bayly_sippel_safaris
YouTube: Bayly Sippel Hunting Safaris

Kind regards,
Dempsey Bayly & Michael Sippel

Bayly Sippel Safaris US person of contact Dustin Knutson - / Robert Williamson -
Bayly Sippel Safaris Australian person of contact David Berner -
Bayly Sippel Safaris France person of contact Romain Berthouly -
Bayly Sippel Safaris German person of contact Jorn Spitz -
Bayly Sippel Safaris Canadian person of contact Brandon Isaac / Dean Macdonald -

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Wait ... this isn't a free hunt? Sigh! I knew it was too good to be true. That is a very good price. I'll have to see if I can get away. My late son's medical malpractice case is heating up finally and may yet make it to trial this year. I need another buffalo like an extra rectum ... but damn they are fun to hunt.
Great deal.
Great price, great fotos and some happy clients for sure. Thanks for making this offer to AH. .....FWB
Great deal.
I"m interested. I assume this is an 8 night 7 day hunt. Is that correct? Will the hunt take place in the Limpopo area? What is the difference between area A and B? Finally, what dates are available in July-August?
I"m interested. I assume this is an 8 night 7 day hunt. Is that correct? Will the hunt take place in the Limpopo area? What is the difference between area A and B? Finally, what dates are available in July-August?
That is correct sir, 7 days and 8 nights. The hunt also takes place in the Limpopo province, close to the town of "Vivo" if you look on Google maps.

Area A and B would be referring to if we had to move between areas to look for extra species not found on the reserve.

We will send a list of available dates to this thread first thing tomorrow once we have looked at and checked availability!

Kind regards,
Dempsey Bayly & Michael Sippel
Tag has been sold, thank you once again for the support AH!

Kind regards,
Dempsey Bayly & Michael Sippel
Somebody is gonna have a heck of a hunt. Hopefully we will be able to read about it in the hunt reports.
Go get Him! And several others.

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here with available dates for 2024/25

1-13 September 2024
14-31 October 2024
1-7 November 2024
18-24 November 2024

March 2025 is wide open!
12-17 April 2025
24-28 May 2025
15-21 June 2025
7-12 July 2025
22-28 July 2025
13-31 August 2025
15-30 September 2025

October and November 2025 is wide open!