SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Bayly Sippel Safaris?


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Mar 21, 2017
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Just checking to see if anyone has hunted with Bayly Sippel Safaris or heard any reviews from those who have.
Hey mate I went there last year for my first over seas trip ( I’m from Australia) I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was blown away by mike,Dempsey and Olaf the first 4 days I spent buff hunting I got a bull on the second day of a 4 day cow hunt for the same price as it was injured and my mate got a cow on the second day to then we went after plains game for 5 days and all the hunting was done with a bow we shoot 2 kudus 1 gemsbok 5 impalas 1 eland 2 warthogs 1 zebra 3 steenbok 1 duiker 1 baboon and 2 wildebeest the acomadtion was the outstanding a lot better then bush camps back home and the food was awesome it was the best experience of my life so far and can’t wait to head back I hope you will go with bayly sippel they are great blokes

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I like the Hoyt cap! OH, the trophies are wonderful too.
I have had contact with Bayly Sippel but not hunted with them.
The above hunter says it all.
Txhunter65 -

I haven’t been on this site quite as much as I was prior to my safari, but I guess it only confirms that I need to share my experience with Bayly Sippel Safaris!
I first began talking with Dempsey Bayly at the beginning of 2017 with general questions about a safari! At this point I was just looking, yet had not selected an outfitter, or had any plans set in stone. When I first started thinking about a safari, I had no idea what to expect, no idea who to contact, and was a bit nervous to pull the trigger on a trip across the world by myself. I must say that this website has a lot of pertinent information on the do’s and don’ts, what to pack, helpful tips, etc.
Kudos to and the people who share their experiences here!

When I contacted Bayly Sippel didn’t take long to know I had contacted the right group of guys!

Let me first say, that besides having a 7 hour time difference or him being on another safari with clients, Dempsey’s communication was exceptional! We spoke for several months prior to me actually booking a safari, for the shear fact of me wanting to feel really comfortable with my investment. I wanted to create a friendship with these guys to ensure I was in great hands! We spoke about animals, opportunities, bows, rifles, food preferences, etc. We left no stone unturned! I booked my flight and began my safari plans!

Being from South Louisiana, I wanted the quickest travel that I could find, which in return would maximize my hunting time once there. I flew Delta Airlines from New Orleans to Atlanta, and then Atlanta straight to Johannesburg. Total travel time was about 18 hours versus some of the 30-40 hour travel options. The flight wasn’t bad at all! 15 hours 35 minutes was the duration of the flight from Atlanta, but I slept for the most part of the flight. I also purchased “In Flight Wi-Fi” and an International wireless plan, which kept me connected to the world while in the air and in South Africa. I felt connected to my home and family still! The flight also had many movie options, complimentary drinks, and several food services throughout the duration as well.

A few months prior to my trip, my good friend joined the safari and he was scheduled to hunt with Dempsey’s partner, Michael Sippel!

As discussed, Dempsey awaited our arrival in Johannesburg and greeted us like we were family! He grabbed my bags and loaded up for the Limpopo concession I had chosen! On our way to the concession, he gave us a tour and explained to us the areas and different cultures that we passed through, etc. He brought along snacks and drinks for the ride, but also stopped at a store for us to get additional beverages. We arrived to our concession and found a super clean and neat facility where we were spending the next 7 days! PH Michael Sippel was there and already had a fire lit to welcome us in! Our rooms were very nice and “Safari” styled. It was just the two of us hunting there, as well as Dempsey and Michael staying on site too.

In short, I chose to bow hunt, while my friend chose to rifle hunt! We debated bringing our own firearms, but opted to use their equipment which was an excellent idea. This allowed for less time in the airports, customs, permits, etc. It also allowed me to being my bow and have both options at hand should I choose. Dempsey and I set up in a bow blind over a water hole for the duration of my trip, while my friend did a rifle “spot and stalk” with Michael and a driver throughout the 10,000 acre concession! This particular concession was incredible! I saw hundreds of animals everyday and had a shot opportunity on every animal I had planned to kill, with a few extras. This place had a huge Cape Buffalo and Sable breeding facility, which was separate from the concession, as well as many trophy animals to hunt. This was not a “cake walk” hunt, as these animals are very wild, very smart, and are very tough animals! Our driver, as well as all of the staff we met there were fantastic! We had daily laundry service, and a clean room upon returning from our hunts. There was a safe to lock any monies, or personal belongings up. Every day we had a full spread breakfast, coffee made to order, lunch at mid day, and a huge dinner each night! We also tried a backstrap of the animals we harvested each day, which made it a bit more special. These guys waited on us hand and foot!

In my time there, I was able to harvest a 28” Waterbuck, a old warrior of an Eland bull, 24” Impala, stunning Zebra stallion, and a 27” Nyala bull! While hunting “safari style” with Michael, my friend took a Zebra, Kudu bull, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, and a few Baboons!

All of our trophies were caped and cooled immediaty after harvesting, and were taken to a local taxidermist for raw prepping/packing at the end of our trip to be sent to our taxidermist in USA.

The amount of animals and different species is incredible! I was able to take a lot of photos to have as keepsakes and to “take me back” during the time I’m not in South Africa.

Hands down...TRIP OF A LIFETIME!

If I had to rate my overall was PHENOMENAL! Never did I feel unsafe! Not only did I have a trip of a lifetime, but I have also made true friends with some of the nicest PH’s, staff members, drivers, and skinners you will ever meet!

My trip was so good, I’m planning to go back later this year! If you have any questions or would like to personally speak about my experience, I’d be glad to speak with you! Hope this helps!


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