7 Day Trophy Elephant Hunt US$15,000 All Inclusive

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Trophy elephant 7 day hunting days allow for travel all inclusive $15000.00
days can be added at $600 per day.
best hunting is now until May.
all inclusive means.
all daily rates
all Ph fees
all meals and drinks
laundry every day
airport pick up and drop-off at Victoria falls airport only.
cities tag.
does not include packing and dipping ,shipping and taxidermy.
Trophy fee is $9000.00 so if not taken no trophy fee will be paid.
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Can you get a bow permit for the elephant?
What is considered a Trophy?
Damnit! I want to hunt Ele in Zim so bad I can’t see straight. It’s killing me I’m curbed stateside. Excellent offer!!!
What is considered a Trophy?
Slider, I have to answer your question concerning trophy. Our elephant permits come from Binga council all permits that we purchase are trophy elephant permits. Resident elephant in Binga district run on the smaller size usually 30 lbs. or less. Non resident coming from Hwange and the Gwaai run bigger, but for the most part under 50lbs. At the moment in our conservancy we have one resident bull that we are estimating at 38lb.

Binga council receive a limited number of permits and our elephant population is exploding. Each year we are finding that due to limited hunting pressure more and more non resident elephants are spending most if not all of the year in the area. The mealie fields being the main attraction. My wife posted two elephant pictures. Normally we do not post pictures, in this case the top one was a very average elephant taken by one of our hunters in 2022. The other is a small bull shot close to our home by a campfire ranger on Sunday. As you can see this ele was taken in the mealie fields.

Can you get a bow permit for the elephant?
mrpoindexter, We have been told that elephant bowhunting permits were processed in 2022. Were they actually issued I do not know. I will ask my wife to call the gentleman that issues the permits and find out what the outlook is for 2023.

Would be interested in knowing about bow permits as well…..
So Basically any Bull under 50lbs?
mrpoindexter, We have been told that elephant bowhunting permits were processed in 2022. Were they actually issued I do not know. I will ask my wife to call the gentleman that issues the permits and find out what the outlook is for 2023.


Hunting Binga area for elephant with a bow sounds like about the most dangerous possible sport on the planet. Jungle thick bush. Lots of cows in pissy moods. Edgy elephants because they were historically poached (highest poach rates in Zim ten years ago) in the area.

The data shows elephants are making a great comeback but the bow hunting of elephants in that area seems really, really dangerous to me.
To answer the question about bowhunting elephant permits. My wife spoke to the gentleman who issues the permits today. He said that at this time it is against park policy to allow bowhunting elephant.

So to answer those who would like to bow hunt elephant, it is not allowed in Zimbabwe at this time.

Rookhawk, you are spot on about it being dangerous. The one thing that has really changed in this area is the number of elephant that are coming from distant areas. We had 13 bulls near our lodge and for a few months you could go out side and they would be there. Unfortunately some save the elephant group decided to dart and collar two of the elephant (one was already collared). After being darted and collared they have not been seen since.

Hello Lon,

I would love to come hunt with you again! How many of these tags are available?
How Large is The Conssion? Is it Multiple Consessions? Is there a Resident Herd?
Great price and a great offer. Hell buff hunts go for more than that in some areas....
But for me shooting a 30 lbs elephant in a cultived crop field is not a trophy elephant hunt. I would rather hunt a tuskless in the jess...
IVW we do not hunt in cultivated fields. As to being 30 lbs and under that is the average size in this area. The reason my wife posted the picture of the campfire Ranger with an elephant taken in a mealie field. One of the members requested a picture of an elephant with under 30lb. ivory. Jess? As Rookhawk mentioned we have plenty of it loaded with elephant.

Swim, One permit for the conservancy. Two for outside the conservancy.

Of course you have first pick. Corey will probably want one. He booked 30 days.

The conservancy is under 100 square kilometers. The
Sorry our internet bummed out and sent 1/2 of a post. The conservancy is about one hundred square kilometers. The rest of the area that we hunt is about 5000 sq. Kilometers.

We are bordered on north side by lake Kariba. The south side is bordered by Chizarira National park.


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