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Feb 28, 2023
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I previously posted that I had a Ruger No1 458 win mag rebored and chambered to 500 Jeffery. I had a few 535gr bullets that I did preliminary test fire with which went very well. After several months wait my 570gr Hawk RNSP bullets came in. The ogive is very short and in order to set these bullets a few thousandths off the lands I have to go to 3.300 OAL. I was loading up 100gr of IMR4895 and 120gr of IMR4350. I was trying for an OAL around 4.435. Should I back my charges off a little and if so how much? Or is this still low enough in the powder range its ok. It's a 20" barrel so I was not expecting to get much out of the 2100fps range for a targets species of pigs.

535 is in the middle the left and loaded round are the 570gr Hawk RNSP.
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A lot of difference in 3.30 and 4.435
I would measure with a dummy round how far you are from the lands. If you're 1/10" or more short of the lands you should be fine. With IMR 4895 seating the bullet a bit deeper and reducing your case capacity will only help not hurt.
I would recommend starting off with 95 grains of the IMR-4895 and 113 grains of the IMR-4350 and go up from there.
With the deeper seating depth you may have less air space in the case, less need for a filler,
higher pressure than what you would get just from the extra weight of bullet.
Never hurts to fill any air space with a little slice of foam caulk-backer rod if you want best uniformity of results.
Use the 5/8" diameter variety, about a half-inch thick slice with your filet knife, and cram it in with a pencil eraser.
Work up from there and get rid of the filler if it is not helpful.

My .500 Jeffery had a 0.250" length of parallel-sided free-bore added to the no-throat CIP chamber, just for such issues.

The earliest 400-gr Swift A-Frame of .416 caliber was designed for the .416 RemMag which had some throat.
Would not chamber in my no-throat RSM .416 Rigby due to short ogive and cannelure location.
Eventually Swift made it with a longer ogive so it would work in all the .416s.
With the short neck on the .500 Jeffery,
a Lee Factory crimp die is a good idea.
I got one sometime after I found those North Devon handloading dies in Rapid City in 2003.

I also got the CH4D CannTool, a robust little hand tool to mount to the reloading bench.
Works like a charm on .510-caliber bullets like Ye Olde Barnes Originale 600-grainer.
Put a cannelure wherever you need one:




I was using it for the .500 Mbogo above.
It will be very useful for .500 Jeffery.
I use the Lee Factory Crimp Die on all of my 500 Jeffery rounds. I believe it is a necessity. Before I got it I noticed rounds changing their OAL due to the recoil, not a good thing. Since I've begun crimping them with the Lee Factory Crimp Die, that problem no longer exists.
You have to crimp 500 Jeff.....
This is a ruger No 1 single shot so I think I am ok without a crimp but I did put a snug up on them with the rcbs die when seating

What Lee FCD is it? I dont see one listed for 500J?
You have to send them a new empty case. There's instructions on the web site or call them. It's worth it.

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