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Dec 23, 2018
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Need help please. I bought a RCBS set of 470 NE dies. I used only once fired Barnes brass. The die would not take out the spent primer no matter what I tried. Finally it broke. When using the die it would double crimp the brass. Before I buy another die can anyone tell me what is wrong please
It sounds like the decapping pin was misaligned and not hitting the flash hole.
Or: Is there any chance this brass had berdan (two hole) primers? If so it's not reloadable.

Normal RCBS set-up, but I dont have a 470:
To set up the seater die for no chrimp, it must be backed off the ram approximately the thickness of a nickel. If Full down on the ram, it woul crimp excessively.

Check instructions to verify set-up procedure.

I've ruined a decapping assembly or two - replacement assemblies are available from the manufacturer.
Cant imagine Barnes would be using Berdan primers, but if they did, they can still be reloaded. All you need is the proper tools and Berdan primers.
Oh. I did not note it was Barnes brass. 99.9% certain it would be boxer.
No the brass got jammed into the die like it was too small
What kind of case lube? I have a Lyman die that really sticks cases.
If yours is a new die they need to be cleaned before use. They come with some kind of grease in them. I had problems with 378 wby dies. After a very good cleaning it worked fine. Tolerance is very tight.
Possibly a stupid question, but on the decapping side of things, is the pin set deep enough? I find that RCBS sometime wind the decapping pin back into the die to protect the spindly bit in transit and that you'll need to wind it back out before it works.

Again, stating the obvious, but if the pin isn't protruding below the bottom lip of the die, it ain't gonna decap, no matter how far in you screw the die body. If you trie to rectify this problem by screwing in the entire die, you will indeed start crushing the brass.

This is what you mean by 'double crimping' I assume? Thisis the decapping operation squashing the brass before you can decap, not crimping too much on seating?
you say the die is broken.
how is it broken?
does 470 have a shoulder. i think it does.
did you adjust the sizer for correct shoulder bump.
if not you will be heading for case separations.
how the decapping operation was set up needs greater explanation as well.
also what do you mean by double crimping?
I had an issue with stuck cases also. I used all kinds of lube, inside neck, outside neck, polished the brass by hand, still had problems. Called RCBS and I sent them in. They sent new dies. I asked what the problem with the originals were and they said they had machined the die too small.
I would take it to an experienced reloader and have him/her take a look at it. Assuming it's not the die, it sounds like a combination of insufficient case lubing and incorrect decapping pin setup. Unless the head is completely torn off, the stuck case can be removed.
Aside this, is this brass once fired out of your rifle or bought as once fired in another? Can you post photos?
try and get ahold of RCBS they are great about taking care of things even when it was not their fault
Like I said, from my experience, it is probably going to be their fault. This is exactly what happened to me.
You also might want to contact Barnes to see what the manufacture of the brass is since Barnes does not manufacture brass. Most likely it is Remington brass.

I also agree with some of the others, a double crimp is usually the results of the die not adjusted properly.

When you say that it isn't decapping the primer is the sizing die adjusted properly with the decapping pin extended down below it?

If you can't figure it out then definitely contact RCBS, they stand behind their products all the way.
Since it's been a week, I'm wondering if there is an update. has the issue been identifies/resolved?
well we still haven't heard how the die is "broken" yet.
everyone is trying to help, but they don't yet know specifically what the problem is.
Need help please. I bought a RCBS set of 470 NE dies. I used only once fired Barnes brass. The die would not take out the spent primer no matter what I tried. Finally it broke. When using the die it would double crimp the brass. Before I buy another die can anyone tell me what is wrong please
Thanks so much everyone for your comments. I have bought new dies, gotten die cleaner and new lube so wish me luck!
Good luck! Dies are generally very tough things, much tougher than any brass case. The only thing that very occasionally breaks on them is the decapping pin. Really hard to imagine what broke?

One way to help set the decapping pin depth correctly is to first set the die body to correct depth- usually just deep enough so a fired case fits, friction free, into the chamber after being sized in the die at that depth. Then with the die body set there with the lock ring, raise the ram with shell holder all the way up. Screw down the decapping pin until the pin's tip is about level to where the base of the case would be in the shell holder. Lock the decapping pin there.

Good idea to clean fired brass with a rag or paper towel with something like acetone first, then apply an even coat of case lube. I use a roll-on pad with RCBS lube rubbed in with fingers plus a small amount of Imperial Wax rubbed in also. After some number of case lubings I'll add a little more lube and Imperial Wax if I notice the lube quantity is getting marginal. Light even roll of case on lubed foam pad- not too much, not too little... just right :) Experience will help determine amount. The last thing anyone wants is a stuck case!!! Would rather have a little too much lube where the worst that happens is an occasional small shoulder dent. Inside neck brushing with a dry lube, like mica, will help ease the neck expanding operation. Then lastly with rag or paper towel and acetone, remove excess lube from case.
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well there is a difference between a broken die and a broken decapping pin..
or some other broken thing/part?
this whole thread is a waste of time until what is actually broken and how it is broken is described.
it is like being asked to describe a secret thing.
and also, what does double crimping mean?

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