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  • Brown Bear Hunt Alaska
    Congratulations for this great achievement
    I really appreciate how you choosen to stay in the pitture, not "far behind", but just near to him : a great Bear like this does not need any magnification effect, and the pic just look more realistic and honest! Good job!
  • North Fork cup point solid Bullet Performance
    That takes a .410 or .411 bullet correct? Shows in stock on North Fork's website.
  • 32.5 Inch Waterbuck Hunt Botswana
    Don't see too many waterbuck over 30"............that's a stunner. Well done..........FWB
  • Winchester Classic Custom Safari 458 Win Mag Rifle
    Badass. I wish it was mine! Freaking Duff...
  • Hemingway Hunt Leopard
    The most interesting this about this picture is that Hemingway did not shoot that leopard. He was not successful on his leopard hunt at this time of this picture, so he just posed with a leopard shot by another person in his party (Mayito Menocal). He got his own three months later.

    The gun...