.375 Ruger Velocity 20" vs 23"


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Nov 8, 2011
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270gr Interlock with 80gr RL16
African- 2709 fps
Alaskan- 2644 fps

300gr RN Interlock with 79gr RL17
African- 2647 fps
Alaskan- 2577 fps

My personal Pet load with the 300gr VRG-3 and 77.1gr of RL17, using Fed 215M primers averaged 2594 fps with an ES of 2!
Thanks for your time and write up on this.
I have both the earliest versions of the Alaskan and African in 375 Ruger.
The Alaskan, I have hunted with quite a bit, killed a couple of moose with it.
The African, I have only fired 3 shots in it. Just to compare fired brass to another rifle that I had re-barrel’d to 375 Ruger.
One of these days, I will get around to making the time chronographing my loads. The 270 grain TSX have grouped excellent to outstanding in 3 rifles that I have loaded it in.

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