.375 ruger

  1. Philip Glass

    I’ve Got An Idea!

    We are always discussing calibers for hunting PG in Africa here on AH so I had an idea. There is always the discussion of getting guys to move up in caliber a bit from their typical deer hunting rounds to have a little more knock down power for the much tougher African game. Actually it is...
  2. Philip Glass

    CAMEROON: Cameroon Savanna Hunting Safari

    Cameroon Savanna Safari As with any great adventure this one was long in the planning. I booked my Lord Derby Eland hunt with The Hunting Consortium at SCI last year. Plans were made for me to hunt with Faro Coron Safaris in Cameroon on the Faro River. The only thing about using an agent is...
  3. Philip Glass

    R8 Custom Barrels-Dream Come True!

    I just found this custom barrel manufacturer of Blaser R8 barrels. I have ordered two of them and will report on this thread how well they shoot for me. I am having a .375 Ruger and 6.5 PRC made now. They have good prices and turn around times are very good. Blaser has such an antiquated and...
  4. Philip Glass

    NAMIBIA: Leopard Hunt At Westfalen

    I hunted in northern Namibia with Westfalen Safaris in October and November 2016. I was hunting leopard, damara dik dik, and klipspringer primarily. On the first day we spotted elephants, mountain zebras, giraffe, gemsbok and other game. The drought has raged on for two years in this part of the...