30-06 180 Swift Scirocco II and A-Frame Loads?

Not sure of factory but mine are best at .085 off the lands on the AFrame handloads.

Thanks, Areaonerel.
It would be logical for me to start about there with the 180 A-Frames and also load some a little deeper (sense I've already tried shorter).

My 180 Scirocco load is a done deal at .087 off the lands. Just need to get the A-Frame load to an acceptable level and then decide which to take. Maye both.

Good to know about switching from ABs to Sciroccos with no issues as well. I go the other direction (from Swift to a Hornady 150 gr FMJ practice load) with no issues.
...... Do Not overlook the 200 grain Nosler Partition for Limpopo, just used them on Zebra and wildebeast last week in Limpopo...very impressed..pass thru on all. Wildebeast at 257 yds pass thru, the front lead acts like a hand grenade on internal organs. Used H4831 on the 200 grain also used 220 gr Noslers on three giraffes...2 DRT..neck pass thru and older female in the shoulder lung...40 yds down in off shoulder under the skin..all 30 06.

Thanks for the suggestion, Areaonereal.

I tried some 200 gr Nosler Partitions this morning - using RL22 and subbing in a mag primer, based on recommendations (for RL22) on the 24 hr campfire site.

Holy smokes, was expecting to get about 2,600 fps with the 22.4" Tikka, but the last two, of five loaded at 57.5 grains, did 2,673. This is a half grain below Alliant's "book" max, (albeit book is with a std WLR primer). Three at 109 yds did a little better than MOA, so they will definitely get another look.
Can anyone share the magical COL or Ogive measurement for their 180 A-Frame load (30-06)? The factory load measurement would be useful also.

Even better would be the distance off the lands.

After trying .076" off the lands (fair, but nothing special), I thought .040" off was going to be the ticket. But that load (with H4350) won't consistently shoot MOA or better. It prints a horizonal string, more or less.

I'm thinking I may need to go much deeper. Maybe in the range of .135" off the lands, (which is where my 308/165 A-F load is).

As an FYI, I did a bedding job the Tikka Hunter (wood stock). It now shoots very acceptable groups with the 180 gr A-Frame at both .135" and .049" off the lands using H4350. The .135-off load did the best between the two, but both were sub MOA at 100 Yds.

A 200 gr Nosler Partition / RL22 load at ~2,600 fps is also working very well and prints to near the same POI as the AF at 200 Yds.

Now it's decision time on which one to take to Limpopo for PG. I'm leaning towards the 200 NP, but don't like how the noses get battered in the magazine.
Stick with the A-Frames. They are like Noslers on steroids and just plan work. The more FPS will give you a flatter shooting rifle combo also.
We have used them on 2 trips as well as in the USA. Not knocking the Nosler bullets as I have used many of them but the Swift bullets are a step up.
shootist- IMO, either one should work well on the game you’re hunting. I believe if you put either in their boiler room you’ll have yourself some fine trophies! The zebra and BWB will be the toughest IME.
That said, the writer John Barsness (Reloader Mag) thinks the 06 and 200 grain Nosler Partition “go together like bread and butter”.
Thanks for the comments - much appreciated!

Trajectory should be essentialy the same due to the higher BC of the 200 gr NF. (Shooter Ballistics shows a half inch advantage to the 180 A-F at 300 yards with both zeroed at my preferred 219 Yds/200 M.)

I really need an 80 degree day to see how the more temp sensitive RL22/200 NP load performs in warm weather. I expect it to move up about 50 fps from where it is now, (2,605 fps) with temps in the upper 40s. I get fattened primers at ~2,670 fps and some light catering >2,700.

Less concerns, temp wise with the H4350 / A-F load.
I would think that RL 26 to be too slow. My experience has been very good with the 4350 class of powders...easy to get to 2750 FPS with good accuracy. Also Reloader 17 has shown good speed and accuracy...start with a very clean barrel and seat off the lands at least .060 or more..no residual copper should be left after cleaning...pure copper bullets need a clean copper free barrel barrel to start for best results. The bullet works very well on Plains game. Those I have recovered from Zebra or Wildebeast were perfect mushroom retaining about 82 per cent weight m/l.
I'm taking the 180 A-Frame / 56.3 gr H-4350 load to Africa next month.

After bedding the Tikka-H and lots of rounds down the tube, a COL at .050" off the lands shoots really well. Also indicates lower pressure (per QuickLoad) at that (longer) length VS where I started.

Was able to run a few over the LabRadar at 80+ F Temps and H4350 shows good temp stability. Temp adjustment factor worked out to 0.25 fps / degree F VS the 59.5* F previously chronographed.

Initial workup with the 180 Scirroco and H4350 was good as well. The Scirroco takes less powder for the same V, btw.
Maybe it will be to slow but I have heard a couple really good things about it with the heavier class of bullets.
The reloader 17 class would be interesting too, I have some of the reloader 16 that could be pretty impressive.
I need to start working on it.
RL 16 is not very dense, to much bulk, as such your loads are very compressed...I have tried 56.5 grains and almost too compressed for my liking, in the 06...heavier class bullets in the 06 would be 200 or 220 grain...for that the RL 26 may have merit. H4831 sc. has been my go to for the 200 or 220 in the 06 for about 2580 FPS. Works very well. The 06 shines with the 180 gr, if you want lighter bullets go the 308.
RL22 with a magnum primer made a good load for the 200 grain NPTs I worked up.
In the T3X Tikka Lite, the recoil was fairly stiff - but I'm a recoil sissy. :(

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