260 rem versus 6.5 CM

The days of a 2.800" short action magazine are about over, hornady them selves are trying to change that when the 6 .5 prc came out. I thought of getting a 6.5cm even passed on a good deal on a kimber, or like to have a rifle to shoot factory ammo for back up but haven't decided it's worth it to buy a 6.5cm.

I like the 260 tho I'm not a huge fan, I'd rather a swede, 6.5x57 or the 6.5 rem mag,prc. But I get a little ticked when the cm guys crap on the 260, it was designed at its time for what shooters wanted and used. Hornady got it into the heads that 140s were the best and all the other unicorn tales they were claming. It took years for the 6.5cm to catch on, then shooters discovered what many already knew the 6mm are better.
The .260, 6.5 CM and 6.5X47 have been called ballistic triplets elsewhere. All will be pretty similar in performance. All have good brass available for them. To change it up just a little bit consider a .260 AI. You should gain around 100 fps. A friend is running his with 139 gr Scenar's at around 2990 fps. As a reloader that shouldn't be much of a jump. All have mild recoil and with the proper bullets kill animals quite well.
I own both the .260 and the 6.5 creedmoor, I like them both but if I had to do it over again, because I reload, I would just stay with the .260 Mainly for sentimental reasons because there doesn’t seem to be enough difference between the two to matter to me.
I recently bought a 6.5CM for the same reason as what the OP has enquired about. The main point which i think most people who posted are missing is thatbhe is looking for a rifle for the KIDS. I had all the same questions regarding the CM vs 260 vs swede. What was the deciding factor for me was that it DOESN'T MATTER what the difference is as it is all so small.

If it was going to be the laser marksman rifle for matches then it matters. But what it boils down to is an easy shooting rifle with light recoil. Isn't it more important to focus on teaching the kids how to shoot and have fun(SAFELY) so that they grow up with a Positive gun culture rather then splitting hairs about how much powder and feet per second they can get out.

After realizing this i settled for the CM due to factory options and availability and simplicity.
I own a 300wsm and 30.06. I am considering purchasing another rifle for mainly my children to use as the grow up. Think a 6.5 CM or 260 Rem would be a good option. Which one is better and why? I am a reloader.


Personally I would go the 260 just to be different. The 6.5 need more is like an arsehole, almost everyone has one and to me it is over hyped.
Another consideration is a nice tikka or Howa in 6.5x55. Both extremely accurate.
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Another thought in support of 6.5x55. Since this will be for the kids, it'd be nice to introduce them to one of the classics so they can learn that there's not much that one of the new "Whizbang" calibers can do that hasn't been done as well as by the Swede for over 120 years. An appreciation of the history and capability of some of the traditional calibers might help them avoid buying into some of the hype that newer is always better.

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I own and shoot a 260 Rem chambered in a Remington 700, and it's my favorite medium game rifle.
Having said that, as others have pointed out, the 6.5 will do anything the 260 will do and with a wider selection of factory loadings - although contrary to what others have claimed I personally have had no problem finding ammunition so far for the 260.
Hard to go wrong either way.

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