1. Aaron Nietfeld

    Zeiss Conquest V4 or Recommendations

    Does anyone have experience with these scopes? I’m waiting to get my hands on a 300H&H, and am looking at the 3x12 with recticle 60. Just wondering how these stack up with scopes in the similar price points. Or if anyone has any other recommendations.
  2. CBH Australia

    Blaser vs Rigby

    So it’s a weekend and I want to invoke some comments. The Blaser nuts are all over those things and the Rigby are offering some nice CRF rifles assembled by them. What are you preferences and what other big end rifles should I have named? I can afford either but I’d like to try a Blaser or a...
  3. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Custom Model 70 By David Christman/ Swarovski .416 Remington Dangerous Game Rifle

    I am selling my custom built Winchester Pre-64 type Model 70 Dangerous Game Rifle by David Christman chambered in .416 Rem. It carries a Swarovski Dangerous Game scope 1.25-4x24mm 1st focal plane. This rifle has never seen the bush, and is in 97%-99% condition. Less than 50 rnds through the...
  4. Philip Glass

    New Reflex Sight

    New reflex sight from Swaro/Kahles. I just took a look at one possibly for my .470 at the Wild Sheep Convention. Very well made. What do the double rifle experts think of this and other reflex sights? Philip...
  5. Buckdog

    Swarovski Customer Service

    You guys have probably caught on by now that I like good glass and here is one of the reasons why. I leave Thursday for DG hunt cape buff, giraffe etc and my swaro 1-6x24 went to hell last thurs and I think it was from me shooting 416 too much in lead sled, so LOOK OUT FOR LEAD SLEDS . BUT...