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  • I arrived Stuttgart in January supporting AFRICOM at Kelly Barracks as a contractor working for General Dynamics.

    I am on the wiating list and plan to attend the next hunting course in Stuttgart which I believe should happen late August/September. Since I have not been able to take the class yet I would not be on your roster. Since you are the coordinator I am sure you know one of the individuals I went to CZ with; Tim Ferguson who seems to be a key player here in Stuttgart. The other person we hunted with is Chuck Houston, but I am not sure if you know him. Gary McKeown had to back out due to a family emergency back in the states.

    I gladly accept any information you can pass my way. My personal email is;

    I appreciate you reaching out and offering the information.

    Are you associated with the Military in Stutgart? I am the Hohenfels US/German hunting coordinator. I didn't see your name on my distro list for American hunters. I can pass you some contact info for American hunting groups in your area.

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kdenn wrote on TROPHY SHIPPERS's profile.
Afternoon, going to South Africa August 22 hunting with wife. will need your help with trophies. what information and how soon do you need it? went to the website and completed the form but seems i have negative energy or something with electronic communication often.
thanks for your help
ken dennison
Docpk wrote on Jager Waffen74's profile.
I would but the Swarovski scope
CADJR55 wrote on roverandbrew's profile.
Is that Level 7 Type 2 Primaloft PCU parka still for sale?
geoff rath wrote on Aussie_Hunter's profile.
Apologies, been somewhat preoccupied with (poor) health issues; were you interested in the Norma factory 550 grain Solid 450 Rigby ammo I mentioned?
Geoff Rath
Just found this site, very interesting!