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  • I arrived Stuttgart in January supporting AFRICOM at Kelly Barracks as a contractor working for General Dynamics.

    I am on the wiating list and plan to attend the next hunting course in Stuttgart which I believe should happen late August/September. Since I have not been able to take the class yet I would not be on your roster. Since you are the coordinator I am sure you know one of the individuals I went to CZ with; Tim Ferguson who seems to be a key player here in Stuttgart. The other person we hunted with is Chuck Houston, but I am not sure if you know him. Gary McKeown had to back out due to a family emergency back in the states.

    I gladly accept any information you can pass my way. My personal email is;

    I appreciate you reaching out and offering the information.

    Are you associated with the Military in Stutgart? I am the Hohenfels US/German hunting coordinator. I didn't see your name on my distro list for American hunters. I can pass you some contact info for American hunting groups in your area.

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I’ll never hunt Africa, but give me please a Jack O’Connor hunt up high in the Canadian Rockies!
Just came from a hunt and already longing for the bush
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I have factory loaded Hornady 450 NE 3 1/4 DGS that I am selling for not much more than the brass itself at $75/box - see my listing for same.
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Get Crazy Larry yet? Wishing I had shot Alpine Ibex too!