For Sale M1 Carbine Fully Transferrable Machine Gun

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I have a Winchester M1/M2 Carbine in very good condition for sale. This is a fully transferrable machine gun anyone can own. I am not a dealer, just a collector and have this one rifle for sale at this time. These are very limited in availability and a very good investment. Most guns go down in value, these only go up! These are now selling for $10,999 from the big dealers. $9500 OBO

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These are sweet MGs. I remember way back when you could get one for $600. That was when the minimum wage was a buck something an hour. :W Shooting Uzi:
Not anyone!!!!! Depends on the state. WA is not legal to own FA firearms and there are others.
Sorry for you folks. They sure are the most fun investment I can think of!
Not sure the exact number of states that allow NFA stuff, but believe its over 35 or so.
Well I want this now if only I could afford it....
Uh, not sure what you mean. Backdoor who? NFA stuff is not legal in WA for ANYONE, period.
I should clarify this to mean with the exception of military, police and federally licensed manufactures.
Just having an FFL is not enough, as in general they are illegal and have been since the earth cooled, even though some say only since 1994, aint so.
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Just one of many.

Get your FFL with Class 3 status, buy all the machine guns and suppressors you want, wherever you want.


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Show me where it says an FFL can have NFA stuff.

Direct from your link, exempt if
(b) A person, including an employee of such person if the employee has undergone fingerprinting and a background check, who or which is exempt from or licensed under federal law, and engaged in the production, manufacture, repair, or testing of machine guns, bump-fire stocks, short-barreled shotguns, or short-barreled rifles:
(iii) For exportation in compliance with all applicable federal laws and regulations. "
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LOL. Not here. Guess you didn't read the RCW info I posted.
As I said above, a manufacturer can possess such, they cannot be sold here dude. Just having an FFL wont cut it, they are except for police, military and a FEDERALLY licensed manufacturer, illegal to possess.
In Washington, all machine guns, or any part designed and intended solely and exclusively for use in a machine gun, to convert a weapon into a machine gun are declared to be contraband, and all peace officers and members of the armed forces are required to seize machine guns or machine gun parts
I never said to sell them in Washington. I said you could own them with a Class 3 FFL. You said "NOBODY CAN OWN THEM, PERIOD" I said a properly licensed dealer can buy and be in passion of them, you said "SHOW ME WHERE IT SAYS THAT" I did using the link you provided.

So tell me again how anything I said is wrong. If you want to own NFA items in Washington, get your license.
From Silencer Central.

Class 3 License for Personal Use
Because a Class 3 license is for commercial use only, it is not legal to get one for personal use. However, that doesn’t mean that if you have a Class 3 SOT that you cannot acquire NFA items for personal use with it. Personal use of a Class 3 license has to be incidental to your regular commercial activities.

What does that mean? It means that if you appear to be using your license to just get NFA items for yourself and family members, you are going to lose your license about as quickly as the ATF figures that out from looking over your books.

Remember too, it is a fallacy that you need a Class 3 license to buy or possess NFA items. You only need it to sell them commercially. Private citizens require no special license to purchase a silencer or other NFA item. They just have to pay the tax. The one vague exception to this is that a small handful of states only allow ownership of NFA items if they are on the ATF’s Curio and Relics list and the buyer holds an 03 FFL.

So in short, don’t go through all the hoops of getting an FFL and SOT just to use it primarily for personal use. If you plan to acquire a lot of NFA items for yourself, consider keeping them in the name of your business or putting your business on your trust, and designating them as demo, or test, or rental items for your customers

So even if as you say, get a Class 3 FFL, it will still be a no go for personal use only, must have a business.
I don't know where you are but state laws do vary on this, but I think its pretty clear that WA is one of those states where the exceptions are very few, and full auto is essentially unobtainable but for police, military and manufacturers., just having an FFL,, ANY FFL is not enough.
I don't want to argue about this anymore and especially since we stepped all over Philips thread, sorry about that Phillip.

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