1. Bushbuck Hunt Takeri Private Reserve Zambia

    Bushbuck Hunt Takeri Private Reserve Zambia

  2. Hunting in KwaZulaNatal - Day 4

    Hunting in KwaZulaNatal - Day 4

    A long awaited hunt for big kudu and other species in KWN
  3. Lex Strauss SAFARIS

    Crocodile & Bushbuck 7 Day Combo Package

    Dear Members I have a very exciting crocodile hunting package for the 2023 season. The hunt will take place on our 31 000-acre Limpopo Concession, 2 and a half hours drive from Polokwane airport in the Musina area of Limpopo. The area is 40km from the border of Zimbabwe and 1 and a half hours...
  4. singleshot

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cull Hunt With Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA Aug 2022 Eastern Cape

    Outfitter: @Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA Bedford, Eastern Cape South Africa Tikka in 6.5x55 with Leopold 2 – 7x 33 with BDC (ballistic drop compensator) and 140 gr Nosler Accubonds Dates August 21st to 30th This is my second time hunting with Nick Bowker Safaris. I had the privilege of...
  5. Bushbuck male.

    Bushbuck male.

    a Bushbuck male heading out to feed or resting up after dringking.
  6. thi9elsp

    Repurposing Bushbuck Flat skin

    To the taxidermists out there. I have a bushbuck flat skin that is backed with black leather cowhide. Due to changes, I no longer have space to hang it on the wall. I'm considering having a chair (from my mom's parents) re-upholstered using some Cape buffalo hide and the bushbuck. What...

    Hunting Harnessed Bushbuck in Central African Republic C.A.R.

    The Harnesses Bushbuck is one the smallest bushbuck in Africa around 88 lbs ( 40 kg) and also small trophy compared to those one in the East and South. You can find different type of hide from bright red to dark red. From the spiral horn family it's member of the one who only male gave horn...
  8. Bushbuck Hunt Zimbabwe

    Bushbuck Hunt Zimbabwe

    This 17' Bushbuck was taken with a 416 Weatherby Magnum, 410gn Woodleigh Weldcore Soft Nose Bullet at 80 yards in 1998 Zimbabwe.
  9. Bushbuck Wildlife

    Bushbuck Wildlife

    A female bushbuck sneaking in to have a drink. Rungwa GR
  10. Bushbuck Shoulder Mount

    Bushbuck Shoulder Mount


    Oribi, Blue Duiker & Bushbuck Hunting Package

    Hi All We have the following available for next year or a deposit can secure the package for 2020. We will also include a free video of the whole hunt. 6 days total 5 days hunting. Animals in package: 1 x Oribi 1 x Blue Duiker 1 x Bushbuck 1 x Common Duiker Total package price: 5 750.00 US...
  12. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Kudu, Bushbuck, Nyala & Waterbuck Hunt 2019/2020

    We are pleased to announce that we have secured some new hunting areas that will be used as a secondary base camp. We simply felt that in order to get better, and consistently offer better quality on our animals, we simply had to expand our horizons. The package includes 7 full days of hunting...
  13. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Browser Vs Grazer Hunting Package 2019 & 2020

    We would like to present you with a package that will give you a mixture of hunting styles, namely hunting a few of the popular browser feeders vs hunting a few grazers. The package includes 7 full days of hunting, including the 6 listed animals . 8 Nights with 7 Full Hunting Days for 1 Hunter...
  14. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Hunt Offer Spiral Horn Slam 2019 & 2020

    We are pleased to announce that we have secured some new hunting areas that will be used as a secondary base camp. We simply felt that in order to get better, and consistently offer better quality on our animals, we simply had to expand our horizons. We will only offer two of the following...
  15. Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Bushbuck

    Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Bushbuck

    East African Bushbuck. Nhacainga Conservancy, Coutada 9. October 2018.

    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape Hunt June 2018

    We met Doug and Dawn last year and since then we have been planning a 2018 hunt. Doug’s two sons, JD and Job (pronounced Jobe), arrived a few days before and stayed with us to get some work experience in South Africa. We took JD and Job hunting early mornings and late afternoons to look for a...
  17. C

    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsala Hunting Safaris

    Dear members, We have a saying down here that "if it sounds to good to be true, then it usually is” and this raced through my mind when I saw an advertisement on your site for "Tsala Safaris sable hunt all inclusive". I done some research and it was a long way cheaper and seemed better in many...
  18. B

    BENIN: Atacora Safaris

    Hello All! This is my first hunt report! It has been almost a year since I hunted in Benin with Christophe Morio and Atacora Safaris and it would be a great disservice to them if I didn’t provide a report on my truly fantastic experience. Arriving at the end of January for a ten day safari...
  19. JOHunts

    Thanks for your help on a great 1st safari

    Thank you to AH and all those who contribute. You were a great resource in planning my first Safari in South Africa. Thought you might like to see some photos. Had a great experience with Eland Safaris. Can't wait for my next. Nyala. Spiral 28.5", Green score 68 SCI: Silver Blue Wildebeest...
  20. N

    Hunting Bushbuck Eastern Cape South Africa

    Short clip of some bushbuck hunts with us. Bow and rifle!
  21. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Nyala, Kudu & Bushbuck Hunting Package 2017

    We are offering the following hunt package for 2017. Observers are welcome to join at $120 per night. Extra hunter may join and hunt 2x1, at $200 per night. Should you wish to swap out any of the animals, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us, and we will be happy to do substitutions...
  22. Mpotshane Safaris

    Hello from Mpotshane Safaris of the Eastern Cape of South Africa

    Hello all Andrew and Laura Brill here from Komga South Africa (Eastern Cape) We are thrilled to be allowed membership into this great forum that we have heard so much about. We look forward to spending time here and hope that you can find it in in your hearts to welcome some new guest.

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris 2015

    1200 km drive to get here from Joburg. Saw lots of critters along the way. Too numerous to note in an update. My Ghillie suit made it. Watching the All Blacks and Boks playing Rugby. Only blowing through town and posting from the passenger seat as we go through Grahamstown and running down the...

    SOUTH AFRICA: MOZAMBIQUE: Off To Southern Africa With KMG & TMS & PPS

    (August 2019) It is the time of year when the reports start being filed here on AH and it has been a pleasure to read them and I am sure more are in the oven. I thought I would start my own. I tend to encourage people to share their stories and I found it very interesting this year to have...
  25. Cape Bushbuck with PH Lammie

    Cape Bushbuck with PH Lammie

  26. Cape Bushbuck with PH Lammie

    Cape Bushbuck with PH Lammie

  27. Africa Mounts and Hides

    Africa Mounts and Hides

    Mounts at fish camp at night
  28. Nile Bushbuck - UGANDA

    Nile Bushbuck - UGANDA

    Only to be found in Uganda, we have a very large population of Nile Bushbuck on our concession, therefor, loads and loads of very big ones. Xavier took the new SCI #14 (pending) on a very casual afternoon, was just a bit bigger than average, but saw much bigger ones. Need big UGANDAN Trophies...
  29. Umdende Lifestyle Safaris

    Umdende Lifestyle Safaris

    Beautiful 16 Inch Bushbuck
  30. Motsomi Safaris - Bushbuck

    Motsomi Safaris - Bushbuck

  31. Motsomi Safaris - Bushbuck

    Motsomi Safaris - Bushbuck

  32. Bushbuck


  33. Bushbuck


  34. Bushbuck



    NAMIBIA: SOUTH AFRICA: Otavi & Leeukop Safaris KZN (The Whole Tale)

    Here are a couple of pictures to whet the appetite while I get prepared to give "the big picture." This Buffalo I affectionately called "Helmet Head". I did not even see them hiding the the brush. I was so focused on the Kudu we were chasing. I was "just walking behind the PH" and looking up...
  36. Bushbuck


    I hunted for a couple of days in the rain looking for a good buck, they had the good sense to lay low in the bad weather. As the sun came out in the early afternoon this buck was spotted in waist deep grass coming out to feed and shot from 180 meters across a gully. He only ran 20 meters and...