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Aug 17, 2017
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Thank you to AH and all those who contribute. You were a great resource in planning my first Safari in South Africa. Thought you might like to see some photos. Had a great experience with Eland Safaris.
Can't wait for my next.
Nyala. Spiral 28.5", Green score 68 SCI: Silver
Blue Wildebeest. Width +28". Green score 81" SCI: Gold
Waterbuck. Length 31.5". Green score 81" SCI: Gold
Red hartebeest. Green score 60" SCI: Bronze
Greater Kudu. Spiral 54" and 55". Green Score 132 SCI: Gold
Cape Eland. Green Score 85" SCI: Silver
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Glad you had a great hunt! Looks like some great specimens taken! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Welcome to AH JOHunts! Glad you had a great time on your first African hunt! You took a lot of beautiful trophies, well done and thank you for sharing... certainly a nice way to give back to our community as many live through just that between their own hunts. Please post a hunt report when you have a moment, that would be nice!
Glad you had a great hunt! Looks like some great specimens taken! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Thank you, I am very pleased with the quality of my animals. I spent many hours here and other places determining the characteristics of each species. I knew what I wanted before I went, but that still didn't make it easy. Had to work hard at it most of the time and the rest of the time I was just lucky.
I'll echo what was said. Love to see a written report. Looks like some very nice animals. Congrats Bruce
Congratulations on your success.
AH is an incredible resource.

Pay that next instalment on your taxes. Hunt report! :D
Very nice animals, looks like you had a great hunt, congrats @JOHunts!
Looks like it was an outstanding first safari! Congratulations on getting some beautiful animals!!!
Wow, what a bevy of beauties you got. Lots of "Gold and Silver" in that bunch. Please write up a report, we'd all like to share your adventure. I only have one question. What are you going to do for an encore???
JOHunts, Eland Safaris is a very fine place! I went there with a group and had a grand time! Very nice compound and facilities. Their skinning area was amazing!
Glad you had a good hunt and you took some fine trophies!
Great trophies!!
Awesome first adventure, all beautiful Trophies. Forrest
Welcome to AH Jo. You had an incredible hunt sir.
Welcome to AH, did you leave anything for the rest of us to hunt
Great stuff!! Congratulations!
Man, Those are some awesome trophies. Congrats on a great hunt. This has to be the coolest and most informative forum that I have ever come across. Thanks Jerome
Great photos of great trophies. I am sure there are plenty of us on this site who have been on numerous safaris and not taken the quality like yours. The waterbuck in particular is outstanding.
Welcome to AH, nice trophies !
Welcome to AH JOHunts! Nice to have you on the site.

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