SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris 2015


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Aug 5, 2010
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Hunting reports
Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Canada, USA, Mexico, England
1200 km drive to get here from Joburg. Saw lots of critters along the way.
Too numerous to note in an update.

My Ghillie suit made it.
Watching the All Blacks and Boks playing Rugby.

Only blowing through town and posting from the passenger seat as we go through Grahamstown and running down the R67 at 100km.


Bolt on the deck spotting Impala the first night.

Out chasing Bushbuck with the Bow all day long.
Walk and Stalk.

Passed on two at thirty yards. One at full draw and the other just a picture.
Pictures still on the camera.

Damn there are a lot of Bushbuck not his place.
Giving them a day off tomorrow and then back at it Wednesday morning.

Waterbuck bulls , Nyala Bull.
Saw my first Oribi this morning. Very cool. Awesome trophy ram.

More later. Just a taste.

Marius says Hi.
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Wayne, I guess you're not counting the days anymore like I am. Hope you have a good flight and a great hunt in South Africa.

Here's something to grace the sky in Simon's camp next to your Maple Leaf. :D

It'll look like a Sweet Grass Coutts border crossing in Mozambique
Thanks. Flight were the flights, as always. You survive them not enjoy them. :)
Keep us posted Wayne! You and the suit should blend in very well.
Wayne, how I envy you, but a week and a half ago I was sitting in that chair, less the ghillie suit. Now, firmly back in a cubicle :( There are some fine bushbuck there and I took my third this year, will try and post a few photos this week. Good luck!
So how'd you like Terminal 5 at LHR? The ghillie suit looks good on you, you're much prettier that way! (y)
I predict a Big Foot sighting in the East Cape soon. Who knew Sasquatch was even in Africa?

So how'd you like Terminal 5 at LHR? The ghillie suit looks good on you, you're much prettier that way! (y)

Noisy as hell and busy.

Thanks buddy. :)
Not quite
Not quite.jpg

My new Rigby. Rented at Lunch time break.

Rigby Pillow.jpg
Now thats what I call pulling double duty. Be sure and give Rigby a great tip!! At least a nice piece of steak. Bruce
Hunted our butts off yesterday.
Two Bushbuck Rams under 25 yards.
Eye balled each other for minutes..

One Bushbuck ram at 5 yards and I could not get my camera out as he had me pinned.
I tall gets the heart going pretty well
Stepped on another in his bed.

Waterbuck Cow and 8 yards and she was not happy with me that close.

Marius has Bushbuck here boy.....(y)(y)

Wildebeest Bull sleeping in one spot all day.

As I was stalking in the thick stuff I rounded a corner and came face to face with some dangerous game and fended off a full blown charge.
I dove onto the ground to try and hide but he kept coming an hissing the entire way.
Thankfully he turned at about 18 inches....
Scary stuff when you are laying on the ground.


Marius found me a good Kudu bull to stalk and I went after him up the side of the mountain.
Got within twenty five yards and want to just make sure I had the distance bang on and went for the range finder and managed to "tick" my release on it and "Bang". That Kudu left like he was shot out of a Canon.
I was pissed off at myself.... took quite a bit of walking before I shook that one off. :mad::mad::mad:

I quit for the day and went after some Egyptian Geese with the bow.
No joy on that front today.

Later saw this little girl up in the krans
Bushbuck Ewe.jpg

Today was a jackal hunting day and it was another interesting adventure that I will share details when I get back.

The greatest news of today was first blood was finally drawn

Nice smooth double taken from the jumped pair. Bound for the taxidermist and then my office.
I wanted these guys so bad I could taste it.

First Blood Double.jpg

Of course the African Retriever was in on it at the end. Here at his shivering best.
(My wife will be happy about this achievement. It was an assignment that I gladly took on. :D

Glad to have the company of good dogs and a great PH.
The best of trophy hunting to take days to get the chances.

African Retriever.jpg
By the way a high of ZERO Celsius tomorrow and a high of SIX Celsius.
(Home is supposed to be 30 degrees C)
The Bushbuck will be shivering in the sun in the morning. They do not stand a chance. ;)
By the way a high of ZERO Celsius tomorrow and a high of SIX Celsius.
(Home is supposed to be 30 degrees C)
The Bushbuck will be shivering in the sun in the morning. They do not stand a chance. ;)

Sounds like shorts, short sleeve and flip-flop weather for you.

With the geese, does this mean you have hunted Egypt now?

Have a great hunt. Certainly enjoying the updates.
Sounds like shorts, short sleeve and flip-flop weather for you.
For sure, I've seen it with my own eyes!

Happy to hear that you are having a good time and thanks for the update.
Congrats on the geese! Cool looking birds, I've been dreaming of which animals to hunt on safari #2 and after seeing those birds I'm going to have to add Egyptian geese to the hunt.
Congrats on the brace of geese. They'll make fine mounts I am sure. Good luck on the the stalks to come.

Great trip report Brick! Glad to hear there's plenty of waterbuck and bushbucks to go around. Just make sure you don't collect all the big ones before you leave. My countdown to KMG is only 9 more months...........but who's counting? The geese look kick ass, trouble is every KMG report I see has something else that needs added to the list!
I want to kill an Egyptian goose so bad! I saw Ted Nugent kill one with a bow like 10 years ago and immediately out it on my bucket list. They are so cool!

Keep it up and keep posting!!!
As the sun sets in Saudi Arabia I have to wonder what is Brickburn and Marius up to in the fading light of the Eastern Cape..................?

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