Woodleigh reloading manual?

Question, Wwhat Woodleighs would you use in a .375H&H?
Same tactic soft with Hydro as back up or in cover or is will the .375 be a bullet act differently due to different class. I need to know before I start stocking up on supplies

I think the Woodleigh protected soft points. 300 grain Woodleighs should be excellent. Atm I’m using 300 grain nosler partitions but after firing them all I’ll reload w the Woodleighs.
Screen shot of Woodleigh.375 offerings and with some ADI Powder behind them let the fun begin.
Yesterday evening I sent an email to Woodleigh with a reloading question. This morning I received an email from Woodleighs’ Geoff McDonald with an answer. Wow! What great customer service! I’m buying their reloading manual!
I use the soft nose data for my hydros. Same bullet weight, or close enough 9416 Rigby 410 soft and 400 Hydro) I find in my 416 Rigby and 375H&H they have the same point of impact at 100mts and the Hygros are about 100FPS faster. Note, in the 375H&H with 300grain Hydros I use AR2208 as I can not get enough AR2209 in and 2209 is what I use in my 375 and 416. Same with the 225 grain weights in my 35Whelen and 338/358RUM. I have not tried this with 303 or 30cals yet.

I use my 416Rigby on pigs for the hunting practice. I use cheaper softer Bertram bullets for the pigs. They still have the same point of impact as the Woodleighs. Have not tried Bertram's in my 375.
I reckon it would be fine. Check with Geoff, but I’d bet on him saying to go for it! It’ll be a better option for your first buffalo hunt.
My mistake, I said the .375 data is not listed. What I was making reference to is the Hydros are not listed under .375H&H.
I have a clear and extensive email reply from Geoff McDonald about this.
In short he says
*They used the Soft Nose data when testing hydros so the data was not listed in the printed manual.
*Hydros generally create less pressure than the FMJ and the data for Soft nose is very close, However proceed with caution as always!

I was disappointed to find the Hydro data was not in my manual as I only planned to have this one big bore rifle chambered in this classic cartridge until some other Aussies here started banging on about their .416 Rem’s.

Being an Aussie I’m hoping to use the Aussie product supporting Australian business albeit barely rating as a consumer in this class.

I’m going to get a few projectiles on hand so I can practice and carry plenty of rounds if i do a trip up North. I’m not shy of shooting pigs with bigger rounds. Even locally it’s the cost of travel always outweighs the cost of Bullets.

I will get some HD softs and develop a load and some lighter softs for practice and local hunting.

Way late getting back to this. I load the Hydros using the same load as for their soft and I find the Hydros are about a 100fps faster. I put this down to less resistance-so less pressure as less bearing surface in the lands, they are a bore rider- but faster acceleration. In my 416Rigby, 375H&H and 358/338RUM I can detect no difference in felt recoil between the Hydro's and soft nose. The 416's are 10 grain lighter than the softs so this will account for some of the Velocity difference in the 416.

So how did you go?
I have some there in the cupboard for when the time comes .
I’ve just used some PPU factory loads for fun
I have a few rifles and this one hasn’t had much use there is nothing big where I hunt.but I want to get some use sometime and pursue Buffalo in the future.
I don’t have a chronograph either so I’m at the mercy of manuals and looking for pressure signs.
It’s why I like being able to ask questions here.
Will re read full thread tonight, heading out early for work.
Strikes me that, in the right circumstances, they are a 'force multiplier'

Am in the process of load dev for both 9.3 and 404

Will be collecting info on MV, straight line and depth penetration on targets that comprise a mixture of wet paper, ply and ballistic gel

Comparisons with Nosler partitions, Weldcore RN SN, peregrine VRG1 and Hydros

Not scientific but an fun empirical study
They only list loads for the 310 grain projectile in 35 Whelen. Some of that data;
H4350 (AR2209): 59 grains
AR2208: 52 grains
R17: 58 grains
N150: 52 grains
N540 same
N550: 56 grins

MAX listed loads. As these are for the Whelen they should be safe starting loads for the 358 Norma mag. If you can find load data for the 350 Rigby Mag it should list the 310 weight. The 35o Rigby was loaded to about Whelen performance but holds about the same water weight as a 358Norma.
Perfect, I had emailed Geoff a while ago, and just started to reload for the 275's with Reloader 19 and just wanted to be sure I had the right info, seemed like a heavy start load and impressive velocity.
Much appreciated.
You assume correctly I am after an opportunity to shoot scrub bulls or Buffaloes.
I have the rifle, I’ve got this Africa trip soon and I thought that would never happen but some leads here have made it a reality.
I will use my .375 on pigs to burn the PPU and reclaim the brass but I wanted a safari rifle so I got one, I have the Woodleigh reloading manual but disappointed it doesn’t actually list the .375H&H info the main one I wanted,
Yes but you can’t have multiple women to suit the occasion!
Women are like guns you can see some appeal in many of them but there are restrictions around acquiring and safekeeping of them!
@CBH Australia
Chris there are laws of survival as well. One we woman at a time lest the others find out. If that happens life can be very hazardous, painful or short or a combination of the 3.
Get some heavy duty (black) 350gn Woodleigh softs and solids for the scrubbers and be done.
I'm just going to use 275gn PPSP in the Whelen.
@CBH Australia
Chris there are laws of survival as well. One we woman at a time lest the others find out. If that happens life can be very hazardous, painful or short or a combination of the 3.
Get some heavy duty (black) 350gn Woodleigh softs and solids for the scrubbers and be done.
I'm just going to use 275gn PPSP in the Whelen.
Bugger the solids get the Hydros. When a solid is needed they are better than conventional solids, and far better than a conventional solid if a soft nose is needed and you only have a solid in the magazine.
Good afternoon gentlemen,

Could some with the woodleigh reloading manual share the data for the 416 Rigby, 458 Lott and 500 NE 3"?


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