What else is in your trophy room?


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Mar 20, 2016
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Other than the obvious (trophies) what else is in your trophy room(s)?

We've got several mounts all over the house.. the answer for us in most cases is that we dont really have a trophy room.. we have a trophy house.. so all of the typical house accoutrements are present (furniture, rugs, wall decor, etc).. those arent the things Im really talking about.. Im more looking at things that go along with the hunting/africa motif..

For example.. we are far from art connoisseurs at the mdwest house.. most of the stuff on the walls are simple family photos, or mementos from life experiences (framed university degrees, stuff from a military career, stuff from a police career, etc).. other than the taxidermy theres actually very little on the walls or on display that I would consider "art".. but we do occasionally pick up a painting or a print if something grabs our attention and we really like it (and its reasonably affordable.... as stated before.. we arent connoisseurs by any stretch.. I wouldnt know the difference between a $500 painting and a $5M painting.. I wouldnt recognize most Rembrandts or Picassos or Monets if you put them in front of me next to something drawn by a college art student.. I just know what I enjoy looking at, and go for whatever that is...)..

I did notice while walking through the house this weekend that we have somehow gravitated toward "african" art though (without intending to), as that seems to be the only thing that fits when the house is full of African taxidermy lol..

While in Cape Town we strolled through a shopping center and found a guy with a little studio selling what I thought was the most stunning photography prints of African animals I've ever seen.. We probably spent an hour and a half in his little shop checking out all of his work.. then ended up going back to see him the last day of the trip and selecting what I think is an absolutely beautiful limited edition, signed, numbered print of a photo he took of an African elephant.. the print is very large.. a little over 5' tall (although he offers it in different sized).. we got it framed and hung on the wall recently.. Compared to what you'd pay for something similar in quality from an American or European artist, I think his pricing is very competitive.. and the print speaks for itself..

Sadly, a pic of the framed print really doesnt do it justice.. his website is probably a better place to look at his work..




Gerrit at Bos en Dal Safaris also introduced us to an absolutely wonderful South African artist named Anet about 18 months ago as well.. we commissioned an original oil painting from her and were able to pick it up on this last trip, and just managed to get it framed and onto the wall recently as well.. Once again, a pic of the painting simply doesnt do it justice.. To see it in person is literally a moving experience.. I cannot believe how wonderful this ladys work is and how inexpensive it is (certainly not free.. but easily 1/4 what I have seen other artists charge for what I would consider to be similar quality work)..

We knew we wanted a bull elephant painted.. but really didnt know exactly what we wanted other than a basic color scheme to be used that we thought would match the house.. Anet worked with us over a period of about a month to come up with something we really liked.. she had taken photos of a relatively famous elephant in South Africa named Amarula that died a few years back and had a good base from those photos to start with.. after a handful of collaboration sessions followed by 3+ months of work on Anets part.. this is what we ended up with..


The oil painting is 4'x3' (not small).. but we thought really tied our "trophy bedroom" together very nicely.. If any of you would like to commission something by Anet, she has figured out how to get things properly packaged and shipped to the US at a reasonable rate now.. her facebook is probably the best way to reach her (or I am happy to connect you to her by whatsapp, email, etc)..



We love Anets work so much, we're now looking at commissioning her to do something else for us over the coming year, and have been working with her to help her figure out how to do limited edition, signed and numbered prints (much more affordable than original oil or charcoal work, etc).. and are collaborating with her on a conservation funding project that we hope to launch in a few weeks as well..

So.... I showed you mine... show me yours! :D

Other than taxidermy.. what are you displaying in your trophy rooms?

I thought this was a pretty cool video Anet made of the process of painting "Amarula" for us..
My office is really my trophy room, although there are more trophies in my reloading room than my office. The last photo is over the sideboard in our great room.
I display a collection of Maasai Lion Spears, and Shields, as well as various Cartridge Boards. I also collect Sporting Art including recent additions (SCI in Nashville) by Grant Hacking and Linda Besse. Looking for a good 3-D map of Africa - not a laser print.
Beautiful stuff @WAB !

I particularly like the buff painting in this pic.. any idea who the artist is/was?

David Smitt. I realized as I was looking at this that I am a little obsessed with buffalo.
David Smitt. I realized as I was looking at this that I am a little obsessed with buffalo.

Yeah.. I'd say you have done a little buff hunting in your time.. and are probably interested in doing a little more... :)
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I'm very fortunate to have a dedicated "Den". I love spending as much time as possible there! I have many small items, and a Bison not shown in these photographs. I love looking at all of the photos you shared so far! Keep them coming!
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I'm very fortunate to have a dedicated "Den". I love spending as much time as possible there! I have many small items, and a Bison not shown in these photographs. I love looking at all of the photos you shared so far! Keep them coming!
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That den looks perfect to me!! Lots of " conversation pieces". I like it.
Lots of neat stuff in your collections. You could never tell that you guys go hunting occasionally. If one of you want to make a temporary upgrade, I'll let you borrow one of my Picasso's on a temporary basis long enough to see if it fits in.
Various old fishing lures, ice spearing decoys and waterfowl decoys. Some old fishing reels, one dating to the 1800s. Some Newhouse bear traps. Mixed among the African group are a couple of Zulu Iklwa thrusting spears, a San knobkerrie/throwing stick, a hatchet from Zambia and a San bow and arrow kit with quiver.

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