What animals you guys add to your list of animals after hunting Africa

I still have many animals I want from my first list, but after my hunting last year, some animals got added to it.
Last year I thought that an Impala would be nice to shoot and I would not shoot anymore of them after my first.
This changed, and the Impala is still on my list even after shooting one I am happy about.

But the animals that I didn't have on my list before is Giraffe(with bow only), Zebra(with bow only) and then it is the tiny antelopes.
I passed on a good Duiker last year with my gun and I decided not to shoot a very nice Steenbok while stalking with my bow. I feel totally fine with passing the Duiker, but I really regret that I didn't shoot the Steenbok.
On my list for next time will be another Limpopo bushbuck, eland, red hartebeast, another Zebra, and for sure a Nyala.Always room for another wart hog also.
I passed on a waterbuck my first Safari - then I missed my only animal in africa - a Waterbuck on the 2nd safari. Waterbuck, Nyala, Bushbuck, the Reedbucks,and a Vahl Rhebuck. those are trophies I would like to get that i didn't consider on other safari's.
The one common thing with those I have spoken with and mirrored here is that if you see a really good specimen of an animal that you didnt have on your list, take him ($$$ considered of course).

Many a hunter has told of the trophy he let walk only to regret it later. Few, if any, regret taking the shot.
My first trip to Namibia I had no intention of shooting the "striped pony", but once I saw how elusive & regal they were, I shot one. The cool rugs w/the faces still on helped! Next- - hyena.
I’m not a greedy fellow, but I think I want to hunt one of everything!

There are those animals that, for one reason or another, strike my fancy. Animals that just kind of intrigue me, for one reason or another. On my first trip a nyala was at the top of my list, followed closely by a blesbok. I was able to get a good, old blesbok ram towards the beginning of the hunt, and closed things out with a stellar nyala bull (amongst several other good animals in between).

On my second trip, I was not the one hunting, but I was still fortunate enough to take a blue wildebeest and a very good warthog. The warty was a proper spot and stalk affair, but the wildebeest, not so much. We happened upon it while traveling to the area we were going to, and it was quite obviously wounded. We (the PHs, farm manager, and myself) took off after it, and I happened to be the one that shot it. Although we were grateful to get it down, I look at it as more of a mercy killing, not really a hunt. In a strange way I felt a little guilty about it too. Not because I killed it, but because the gentleman I was there with (the hunter, on this trip) had not even been on a stalk at that point. To top it off, I used his rifle. (I’ll add here that he ended up doing very well, and the cherry on top for him was a splendid old sable).

Having said this, I think I’ve narrowed my list somewhat for my next hunt. For me, a black wildebeest and red hartebeest top the list. My wife is hot for a klipspringer and an eland.

Some day I would like to “hunt” a blue wildebeest, but I think the others will be focussed on first.

Many people really like the color variations of animals (ie white blesbok, golden wildebeest, black springbok), but those just aren’t really my cup of tea.
The Tiny 10 for me. I had no desire before going then I shot a Steenbok on trip 1 and hoping to add #5 (a Klipspringer) while on Safari #5. Even considering a trip dedicated to finishing the Tiny 10.

Conversely a Kudu was #1 on the list before going to Africa and I still haven’t shot one going into Safari #5. I’ve been extremely picky on them though. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out before I need to get the monkey off my back on one. If I don’t take one this trip, I’ll likely plan a 10 trip back to spend some more time looking for a big free-range one and once killed head to another area of the country to finish off my Tiny 10.
A gemsbok, but must be in a desert environment in Namibia.

Then a blue wildebeest, probably in the Greater Kruger.

Then a kudu bull in the Eastern Cape.

It is a long wish list, but rather than go on a multiple species type hunt I prefer to build up to one at a time, make a whole trip about it.
1st and only trip I was not expecting to hunt zebra. After reading all the reports here it was in the back of my mind. When we seen the them in the wild and gave chase it took several tries and several miles up and down mountains to get mine. The other was a black impala. It was in a farmers field, the PHs had already worked out a deal with a farmer should someone want to take it. As we were driving back to camp we spotted him. It was one the second to last day we got him. Totally was not expecting to take an impala much less a black one that was free range.

Like others have said, you have to appreciate the opportunity presented and take advantage.

The ONE on the list now is a LD, not sure if I will make that happen. That said it is my ONE.
Waterbuck - Seeing them in pics they don't seem like much. It happened to be the first animal I ever saw while hunting in Africa. PH said it was one of the biggest he had seen. It impressed me a lot. Didn't realize they carry some serious size. I don't regret passing but will not be passing next time. Beautiful hides.

Zebra - After seeing them, I am 100% in. They are delicious and make beautiful rugs. Not to mention they are a very challenging hunt.

Gemsbok - This is probably #1 on the list above the other 2. I got a chance to watch a bunch of them for a long period from a blind while hunting kudu. I was very, very close to taking one instead of the kudu. Once again, glad I didn't. However, next time this is #1 on the list.
For me it was waterbuck, bushpig and multiple TT, I had opportunities at red, blue and bush duikers, suni and oribi on my first safari in Mozambique. Since then I’ve rectified the waterbuck and bushpig situation along with 3 TT but have only shot bush duiker off that list but added klipsringer and steenbok. Trying to put together a trip for the others but it may have to wait a bit. Now in my safari planning I try to add a new spiral horn a new TT and a new ringed horn to each trip.
I added an ostrich once I got to the dark continent, just seemed fitting to take an iconic animal like that.
Cape Buffalo.
Next up on my list:
Maybe a few more if the opportunity presents itself.
Going after Vaal Rhebuck in the Eastern Cape this summer. This is one animal, after seeing a photo of these being hunted in the snow and at higher elevations, seemed so odd for Africa. Hopefully pics to share in a couple months here.
I am less than two weeks from actually hunting, so it's a question I am pondering as I type these words.

My first time, zebra was a part of my package but I really had no interest, and was planning to swap it for something else. I wound up shooting a zebra and liked it enough that zebra is on my list for this trip too, except now I'm looking forward to it.

I guess to answer the question as it was originally asked, I had zero interest in either black wildebeest or gemsbok my first go-round. After seeing them while over there, both are pretty way high on my list for this trip.
I initially never had any interest in hunting an elephant (although I obviously never had anything against it), but after seeing them for the first time in the wild in Kenya in 1974… I immediately resolved to hunt one the next time I would be going on an African safari. Eventually, I succeeded in shooting a couple of magnificent bull tuskers over the years. And hopefully will be going after more in the long run.

I also used to be initially extremely dismissive of wing shooting in Africa. I used to think “What kind of tasteless fool goes travels all the way to the world’s most exotic big game hunting paradise for bird shooting ?” All that changed one day in that Kenyan safari camp of ‘74. Using my white hunter’s (Mr. Cheffings) 12 gauge 3” Magnum B.S.A side by side boxlock ejector and Eley Alphamax Magnum 42 gram #6 shells, I folded a good number of sand grouse and immediately found myself eating my own words. On another day, I went after guinea fowl. Soon, I realized that wing shooting in Africa is probably one of the most underrated hunting experiences in existence.
Nocturnal species....all of them....
Tiny Ten.....plus Mountain Reedbuck and Vaal Rhebuck....
Pigs.....Warthogs all day long Bushpigs over bait over hounds or in maize fields or macadamia nut orchards on foot.....at night.....

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