Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

Decided earlier to have a look at weather in nashville.....wish I hadn't... :X3: :X3:
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And living half a planet away you would care why? We had a high here today of 26F and yesterday 16F in a BLIZZARD, just in case your keeping track? LOL
Summer has finally arrived…That’s Celcius…
Because I am now at Heathrow on way there......... ;)
Oh yeah, I forgot about the SCI convention in Nashville. I wouldn’t worry too much about the weather. At least it will a lot warmer there than many other places here this time of year.
Oh yeah, I forgot about the SCI convention in Nashville. I wouldn’t worry too much about the weather. At least it will a lot warmer there than many other places here this time of year.

With the temperatures that have been showing over there, that is so comforting..... :E Rofl:
Well we arrived and was bloody cold coming out of airport......now a question....why in usa do they leave the AC on in hotel bedrooms even when it's freezing outside?...got in room and Louise said find the heat thing and put on.....had it on this setting for ages.....feels like its blowing out max 18c....giving up my effort to get into local tone zone as its 5.30 am back in zambia..so not too bad an effort :A Thumbs Up: :D Beers:

We have snow in the forecast for 4 days this coming week. Darn. I will be away for the next month in better places of the world! So sad I will miss it :LOL:
Well the weatherman got one correct and Utah got a foot of snow In the valleys (my house is at 4350 above seas level) overnight. Greatest snow on earth is for skiers-I don’t ski.
what this really means is that the wildlife will be culled by the depths of the powder.
the shed antler season was Already closed until May so morons would quit harassing animals on their winter range. Then yesterday I got word of elk being trapped in the cliffs in Provo canyon-as if the vehicle traffic wasn’t enough for them to contend with. The ice and snow traps the elk on the rocks faces and they starve or fall to their deaths. Even the mtn goats are getting hammered by avalanches. . . If elk are struggling this hard, you can guess what is happening to antelope and mule deer.
if the tree huggers of the world think hunting is cruel, they should watch a nine year old elk starve to death on an icy cliff over a month or two, mother nature is ruthless!
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0F here now, feels like -11 with about three inches of snow throughout the day. It was 65 here yesterday!
Yep, past a certain point this type weather can devastate wildlife populations. Yesterday was a freaking verifiable blizzard here with zero visibility and some drifts measured in several feet. The top layer of snow was colored red from the red sand stone blow coming in from Utah. Right now it’s snowing but vertical with little wind.
Woke up to 2" of snow this morning. Snowing all the way to work. Took it slow. The people in this city drive like idiots on the best of days.
Throw a snow storm into the mix, and what could possibly go wrong?
Glad to see AZ got some snow. They need it. LOL We were supposed to get 1-3" last night, but nothing ..... for a change.

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