W.J. Jeffery 450/400 3" Double Rifle Circa 1924


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May 5, 2009
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A Jeffery 450/400 3" double rifle in good condition with reloading dies and some components. The barrels at some point were shortened to 18.5". The bores are good with frosting in the groves. Want $9750 shipped for it. I think it's a lot of gun for the money.....pictures later today.
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I have the rifle here now if there is any questions or if anyone wants other pics.
Whoever shortened those barrels should be strung up. Without that modification, this double rifle would be worth at least double the current asking price.
A beautiful rifle otherwise. Must have many stories to tell.
The rifle was owned by someone on the other forum who talked about how accurate and what a good handling rifle it was.To anyone interested I will give them the name and contact info.
I'm waiting for information from the previous owner who regulated it.The current owner has the ammo and load that was given with the rifle.
Would be nice to see a target with the shortened barrels.

What is the length of pull?
I have personally shot this rifle many times, as it once was owned by my dad. I remember it shooting well and I was surprised when he sold it to the current owner.
I do know he hand loaded for and it was extremely accurate. I had the choice of one double and took a 500 NE.
Whomever buys this rifle, is getting a deal!

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