Vanguard VEO 2 AM Shooting Stick

Discussion in 'Hunting Equipment, Gear & Optics' started by Fastrig, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Fast Rig-thanks for your purchase and thanks to all the rest of you for you kind words. We just finished making our 2020 Holiday Season hickory and exotic wood shafts as we let them sit for a year before we add the connectors, tops etc. We always do this just before the fall as our world-wide headquarters (shop) is heated with a wood stove and there is nothing like kiln dried kindling to get it up to temperature quickly. This year we lost 400 shafts so looks like the sticks may pile up in the yard.

    I have a day job that pays the bills but if any of you come to Mansfield, OH and want to stop by on the weekend or after hours (we are 3 miles from Mid-Ohio Raceway) just call me at 419 961 6900. Always have a good box of cigars and some single malt stashed away.

    BeeMa-we will be here when you are ready!

    Best Regards,

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