Thermal scope

Reviving a thread here on thermal scopes...

My wife and I are looking at getting one.
Before I even read this I was looking at Pulsar.
Now I'm looking at them even closer.

We are trying to decide between the Thermion XP50 and XQ50.
The main differences being the sensor, resolution and zoom.
The XP is $1K more than the basically it's better, but how much better?

Most of our shots would be inside of 250 yards.
And most of those will be inside of 100 yards.
But we sometimes have the opportunity to shoot at 300+.
Wondering if the added $1K of the XP is worth it for us.

Lastly is sourcing one from somewhere.
Not a lot of places want to keep $4K in overhead sitting on a shelf.
Any on-line source that someone knows of would be good.
I have a Pulsar Apex XQ50 (now discontinued) but uses the same 384 sensor. Was able to pick it up for under $2500. Because of the way Pulsar has done their resolution vs magnification, the cheaper XQ has effectively the same resolution as the more expensive XP, because the base magnification is greater. This means that at 300 yards for example, a coyote will have the same level of detail in both scopes. As a rifle sight, the only thing you are giving up is field of view by going with the XQ.

Now as a scanning device, the XP is superior because of it's wider field of view.

I really love the Pulsar, and I don't think you will go wrong with either.

Hope this helps.
I use Pulsar’s XP50 scope as well as the wonderfully light, small and handy Axion XM30S handheld. I’m happy with both, and both have been trouble free so far though I’ve only owned the Axion since early Jan. I have a video of Roe deer recorded with the XP50 jumping about from about 80-150m. I didn’t shoot it as the law here only allows the use of thermal and night vision for boar hunting and anyway the deer can only be shot from an hour before sunrise to an hour after sunset. I’ll try to post it tomorrow, this will show you what you can realistically expect.
Roe deer recorded (no shots fired) with XP50 mounted on a rifle, handheld at a distance of roughly 80-150m (at least that's what I remember) on a very warm summer night, seen from behind a corn field.

and a Hare recorded from a forest track with Axion XM30S (winter in about -15C) in the middle of the day.

I only recorded these to check the recording function on the devices, so they are not David Attenborough quality films.

These devices are hand focused and fine tuning of the focus does result in higher quality image. The video of Roe seems to me like it's not in perfect focus. Trees in the background seem sharper than the deer.

In both these videos I was using a b&w "white hot" setting as this is my preference but there are several other modes.

The XP50 comes standard with APS2 2000mAh capacity external battery (hidden under the top turret cover) as well as built in 3200mAh one. You can also use the larger APS3 instead of APS2 and a spare, larger turret cover is supplied with the scope. Swapping batteries takes seconds. If you're going to use it in very cold conditions and/or as the main observation device than I suggest getting an extra pair of 3200mAh APS3 batteries. These combined with the scope's built in battery should last you through the night even in temperatures well below freezing. The APS3 is physically larger (longer) than the APS2 battery and thus requires a larger turret cover which is why it's worth sticking to one type as you don't need to carry two turret covers in the field. The supplied battery charger is compatible with both battery types and can charge two batteries at the same time. You can even charge one of each type simultaneously.
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It’s not for everyone but the Sig Sauer Echo is a decent sight for around a $1K. Certainly for 100 yards and under. I actually have the patent on it and helped design it. It was designed to be a very low cost thermal one of the first 12 micron sensors and without an eyepiece. It uses a display and no eyepiece working like a reflex sight in infrared not visible so it aims both eyes open. Again not for everyone

Bit of a coincidence as was getting ready to ask if anyone had any experience with.them...have sent you a PM... :D Beers:

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