The Very First Time I Ever Attempted To Hunt A Panther

Major Khan

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Dec 3, 2019
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What an amazing story. I hope you don't mind, but I have copied the short paragraph you wrote about youth, believing you are invincible, arrogance and such so that I can look at it again and perhaps send it to my nephew and children. It is very well said. If we didn't learn from those that came before us, we would still be living in caves, or worse. I was very lucky to be surrounded by wise older people in my youth and still am today. I hope that my children learn what an amazing blessing this is for them as well.
Thank you so much . By all means . I am honored that you could find something educational from this silly reminiscence to teach your children and nephews . Merry Christmas and a Happy New year .

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Many thanks for re formatting my article for the forum

I served my time in both the bush and during the bush war

I hope it did it justice

Education is where it is at - without it the wild places are history

You - sir - are well placed to make a difference