The Black Rhino Cows’ Horns Stand Between The Species’ Survival And Its Extinction


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Dec 18, 2015
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I HAVE JUST READ A NUMBER OF SCIENTIFIC OPINIONS about the safety of cutting off a black rhino’s horns for the purpose of protecting the species from poachers. The authors claim that there were no deleterious effects and that the wild population of black rhinos was unaffected by the dehorning process.

The way in which this argument was presented, however, completely omits some very important factors to do with black rhino behaviour and the relationship that exists between black rhinos and their principle predator, the spotted hyena.

Let me fill you in, from my personal experiences in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where I spent every dry season of the period (1964 – 1970) tracking black rhinos on foot, on a daily basis, from dawn to dusk, for those seven long years, darting the animals that we could and translocating 140 captured specimens to game reserves where they should have been relatively save.

Interesting. When do the baby black Rhinos drink?
Unless we ruthlessly extinct some poachers, middlemen, and end of the line purchasers, we will lose all the rhinos eventually. My question is, why do we value the three categories of scoundrels listed above more than we do the rhino species?
Would it help to fit a highly visible and obviously worthless prosthesis after de-horning?
Unfortunately poachers still kill de horned rhino, for the bit of horn thats left and to prevent them tracking a de horned rhino in their future poaching expeditions......
… I fully agree w/ Kevin’s comment & to visibly show would be scum bag poachers, “ … there’s NO natural horn here to senselessly kill over.”

In my humble opinion, it’s way BIGGER than a strong poaching program.

There is an urgent need for a serious Geo Political huge step forward by many Governments to drop a heavy handed threat & act on it … “cut the head off the snake”, meaning: on the World Stage, Country Leaders need to call out by “name” those Country’s & Markets driving the Rhino Horn Poaching.

It all points to the Asian mythological medicine market driving this horse shit usage!

It’s no different than the cover wagon con man riding into an old settlement selling worthless Snake Oil to the settlers … everyone catches onto the scam & he‘s ran out of town or worse!

The Rhinos only hope … track, exposure, political embarrass, & Geo Political threaten Country Leaders for their blind eye OR eyes wide open ignorance that supports the Dark $$ & Trade leading to the illegal slaughter of the Rhino. Sad …:cry:

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