Tanzania Fee Increases Released & New Director

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    Tanzania Fee Increases Released & New Director

    The government of Tanzania has released their much-anticipated 2008 concession and trophy fees, which will be slightly less than what SCI heard in earlier reports.

    Concession fees have increased roughly 50% and trophy fees have increased about 15% on average. For example, lion fees increased almost $5,000 while elephant fees have increased either $7,500, $12,000 or $20,000, depending on the size of the elephant taken. The full list of the new 2008 fees can be found at http://www.africahunting.com/latest-hunting-news/74-tanzania-tourist-hunting-fees-2008-a.html. SCI also heard that negotiations were still on-going for the 2009 prices.

    SCI has also received a communication from private sources in Tanzania that a new Wildlife Director has been named. Educated in the United States, Mr. Erasmus M. Tarimo has just taken over the Wildlife Department in Dar es Salaam.

    Source: Tanzania Hunting Operators Association & Safari Club International

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