SOUTH AFRICA: Sunset To Sunrise Hunt With Pawprint Safaris! Oh & A Buffalo For Exercise


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Aug 8, 2016
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South Africa: Limpopo, Northwest; USA: Ak, Mt, Wy, Co, Ne, Ks, Nv, NM, Tx
Finally the time has come! Varmints beware! When I saw PawPrints deal for this hunt, I just couldn't resist. Caracal, serval, genet, jackal, bushbuck, reedbuck, bushpig and of course porcupine. Sounds like a large task to get all these, but I just couldn't resist adding one more animal to the list, Cape buffalo bull. "Go big or go home" as my former 230 lb workout partner (who benched 350 lbs) use to say.

Sitting in the dark on my screened porch sipping coffee with my birddog by my side, I have had my bags packed and re packed for a couple of weeks.

My MRC in 375 H&H is cleaned and ready sighted in at 100 yds for Barnes VOR-TX 300 gr TSX and 1 1/2" lower for Hornady 300gr DGS (for the varmints). I have some really good handloads, but decided the factory loads will do. Once sighted in I have spent most of the time shooting off my BogPod. Driving the hour and twenty minutes each way to the range every 3-4 weeks for a day of practice. The 375 got a little costly, so I started practicing with my CZs in 22 LR, 22 WM and latest 17 HMR. Also 5-10 rounds each trip with an old Remington Sportsman 78 in 30-06. I feel comfortable from my BogPod at least in a controlled no stress clear environment.

I'll have to admit I didn't sleep well last night. Plenty of time for that on Delta 200. I guess you never get over the last minute excitement of another hunt coming up.

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Good luck @Ridgewalker . Are you headed over today or tomorrow? I will be passing through Atlanta Thursday and if you are in the airport I'll come by the Flight 200 gate!
The night hunt should be a blast!!
Best of luck and have a great time!
CAustin, I'm fly to Atlanta at noon today. Then Delta 200 this evening.
Good luck. That sounds like one heck of a varmint gun! Glad to see another bird dog guy on here. Maybe you can get Pieter to get his german shorthairs on a few francolin as well.
Good luck and safe travels!
Best of luck sir, and safe travels!
Ridgewalker, take em as they come. Pieter generally comes through with his end of the bargain. All the time and effort you spent shooting off sticks will pay off. Don't forget, stories and photos, stories and photos. Good luck!
Looking forward to the hunt!

Pieter, you can't possibly be as excited as I am to get to hunt with you. All the great posts I have read about you and your team have me ready!

For some reason I've lost 6 lbs the last month, so I plan to gain it back with your chef's delicious looking meals!
Wish you the best of luck !
Good luck in your varmint pursuits. I would love to hunt everything on that list one day. Pictures please
Well, made it to DIA. Usual issue with Delta staff not knowing what to do. I still fail to understand why they even care about the SAPS permit. It seems to me they would be more interested in the 4457? 3 people and a couple of phone calls and finally got the gun inspected, delivered and through TSA. Start boarding in an hour for Atlanta.
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Safe travels and good hunting. Enjoy the trip, the experience and the time in the veld, night or day.
(I'm on the 200 on Saturday and cannot wait.)

Good luck my friend and enjoy the hunt.
This one will definitely be interesting to follow!
Waiting in Atlanta for the long haul to Joberg. Nasty skies here.
Thanks one and all for the encouragements!

I'm sure Pieter is going to give this old great grandpa the best opportunities he can.

I had a little excitement from my youngest grand daughter (12) on the way to the shuttle this morning. She said "Pappy will you take me to Africa some day?" And just what do you guys think my excited answer was?
Looking forward to this report. I can't wait to go back. Prob about 3 yrs out for me!!

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