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    I had my 7/08 suppressed a few years ago when my daughters started hunting. I chopped the barrel at 18" and shoot 110gr TTSX or 125gr NBT. The noise and recoil reduction make a big difference for the kids.
    I have a 308 I'm about to suppress because I will use it with my indicating dog that I am training up. I will probably be shooting right over her head so want to protect her hearing as much as I can. I will probably use subsonic ammo as well.
    If you can chop 4-6" off the barrel when you suppress. It fixes the balance issues. Projectiles like the TTSX fix any issues with velocity loss. Shoot a lighter projectile than normal. In my 7/08 I can get the 110gr TTSX to 3000fps using H335. Has killed a few red deer out to 150yds so far. Also taken a red deer at 220yda with the 125gr NBT.

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