Scope recommendations on a .404J

I suppose the explanation for oversize turrets on this scope might be that it is marketed as "tactical." Black guns/MSRs/ARs have detachable magazines. For them turret size is not a big deal. In fact, to adjust for wind and long shots in the field (a la SEAL Team 6), big knobs for quick handling might be, I suppose, desirable. However, for a DGR, having an unnecessarily oversized booger hanging off the side of the scope over the loading port is less desirable. No need to readjust a DGR scope for wind and elevation when a buffalo fifty yards away is contemplating turning the shooter into a bloody sack of mush with clothes on. I guess scope manufacturers have to make what the market wants. Or do they make the market demand what they sell? Many a PhD thesis (including mine) has debated that question.
I have the same opinion. I also ask how much you need to dial a 1-4 scope. Surely on AR rifles and quick shots, you would use mil dots. Long range and tactical sell, ģood sense and practicality do not.
I would fit a 1-4 scope with an illuminated centre dot. I have tried one with both eyes open on 1x. It acts like a red dot sight. I tried a vortex but would buy a trijicon with optic fibre like the one mentioned earlier. I have iron sights currently but as my eyes get older, I will have to fit a sight.
The Norma 'African PH' line are made with nickel-plated cases. However, I think that they exclusively use Woodleigh Weldcores, and the bullets in that picture look very much like A-Frames to me. The headstamp is rather hard to make out, but it does not look like Norma to me.

On topic - I have a Swarovski Habicht 1.5-6x42 on mine. FFP with the 4NK illuminated reticle. It's a 'German #4" but the center point is a "+" which is a bit see-through when the illumination is turned off.

Also have a Kahles Helia 5 1-5x42 with a more standard German #4. It is currently just resting on top of the safe.

Debating with myself which one to use in August. Might bring both. Also have an Aimpoint H2 red dot as an alternative backup... decisions deciscions.... :)
Decisions like that are good problems to have!
I have had good luck with the now discontinued Zeiss Conquest Duralyts 1.2-5x36, illuminated. The biggest rifle used for them was a 416 Remington. Eye relief is only 3.5 inches on them though so I wouldn't put one on a rifle larger than 416, which is enough for me for that caliber. I have broken a Leupold 1-6x24 illuminated, non hd and 2 Trijicon 1-6x24s, one of the Trijicons on a 505 Gibbs. I read somewhere that the VX5s hold up better than the early VX6s but I'm unsure of that. Most have had good luck with the Trijicons. The optics look great on them. The eyepieces are very wide and I couldn't use one on a pre 64 model 70 because the bolt would hit the rubber outside of the eyepiece. Of course you could mount it higher to compensate. I have a Nikon Monarch 1.1-4x24 and a Meopta Meostar 1-6x24, both illuminated, that came used on rifles that I bought. They both seem to be great so far. My 505 Gibbs has the famous Swarovski 1-6x24 EE for hunting and an old Zeiss 1.5-4.5x18 for backup/normal practise. This old Zeiss and seemingly all the older German/Austrian scopes have short eye relief but I just mount it out far enough and sacrifice fov at highest magnification.

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