Safari frequency?

Life generally kind of dictates when I go. I should go every year as I have friends i can stay with, but life doesn’t always allow it.

When I was younger school and money got in the way. Then I was a young attorney and couldn’t take off the time required. In. 2012 my father had a massive stroke and has needed 24/7 care ever since. It took me a long time to have systems in place that would allow me to take trips again.

Assuming work does not mess up my plans for this year, this will be my third year in a row going to Africa. I have a family of my own now, and I suspect I will probably have to dial things back to every other year.
It's often a combination of time, money and interest. I had been going once every 2 yrs. Lately every year. I "retired" as of 2 yrs ago and so my finances changed some. I had some bonuses that have allowed some bigger trips. Now I'm looking beyond the normal plains game hunts. When the bonus $$ end it may become once every 3 yrs.
As a business owner I was set up so time was not the issue the last 5 yrs I worked. Earlier in my life the restriction was a young family and $$. I know several people that it's more a matter of interest. For some they have decided to do Ibex/goats and sheep while younger and then more time in Africa.
I still have kids at home-so while I would love to go more often, the reality is that my finances get spread between braces, tuition, sports camps, medical bills and such rot as Disneyland trips. They don’t all want to go hunting in africa like their dad does for some reason. So after paying the last trip, the irs and the taxidermist in addition to keeping a family in trendy footwear, I will go again but it does take 4-5 years in between.
I should have been whatever some of these other guys are to afford to go more often!
I took my son to safari when he was 14. I told him then. when he starts making money on his first job, i expect he will pay me one safari back in return!
I have no kids. Which is why I have been on four instead of one. My new baby is four acres of land and plans for a house on it.
Unfortunately I’m on a once about every 5 years schedule. If it wasn’t for that pesky money and time thing I’d go every year.
Like most have said, time and money as I guess we are all working off the assumption we want to go as much as possible. One other factor I keep in mind is that in approximately twenty years (maybe less) I will have to have slowed down physically and Africa may be out of the picture all together. So, I have to go at least every other year to get in (just) 10 safaris. That sounds like not enough to me if I count up the places and animals I want to hunt. Therefore, I am forcing myself to find ways to make it happen more often such as combining family vacations and business trips with hunts. Every time I am to get on plane to anywhere, for any reason, I ask myself, "Do they have hunting where I am going?".
Just a longwinded way to say damn, I realized I am getting older and I need to use my time wisely. Cheers
I’ve been going pretty regularly lately, 2018 to Zambia - Kafue, 2019 Tanzania - Maswa North, 2021 Tanzania - Mlele, February 2023 just returned from a non-hunting trip across Kenya (probably 2nd best of 8 African safaris). This August Tanzania - Selous. February of ‘24 Northern Cameroon for LDE. October of ‘24 Coutada 9 in Mozambique. May of ‘25 Congo for Bongo & Forest Sitatunga. Discussing several other trips to do in next 3-4 years…. Masailand, another bull elephant, buffalo hunts, hopefully find a way to make Ethiopia possible in next 5 years.
I’ve been on 9 safaris in the last 11 years. We are taking more trips to Europe and I have gotten the Coues bug pretty bad, so Africa has slowed down. I do need to get back to visit my friends in Botswana and do another tracking hunt for eland.
Big 5 is where it hits pocketbook hard but not always there are deals on here that are very good
Yes, big 5, indeed.
My future plan is buffalo.
I am not making other plans forDG, but who knows.

For plains game I do have few other ideas, ehmmmm...
Have been over 8 times starting in 1985. Some dry years then more frequent later on, never every year though.
Planned a hunt just before the Kung Flu hit and that queered that!
Now find myself somewhat less than enthusiastic about the travel which I always hated and pushing 70 now I doubt I will go again. Not saying never.....
I think if I never got on a plane again it would suit me just fine.
This is a great thread, I’ve often wondered the same thing. I count myself extremely fortunate to have been 3 times so far and have 1 planned and 1 in the works. If I can go 2-3 more times before I get into my sixties I will say I completely met my goals, (currently 54). Costs are getting crazy imo, especially airfare. It’s a very expensive passion, one that for most even if your income level is high still requires some financial responsibility and planning as I feel you owe that to your family. It’s all about a responsible budget, do what you can, no more, no less. If I was loaded I would have a home in Namibia as a base and I would do nothing but hunt for 3-4 months of the year, but there are truly few among us that would be able to pull that off.

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