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Nov 18, 2015
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Spain, travelling for hunting
Hello AH friends: this post is not about Hunting in Europe rather for Hunters in Europe. Well, the question is:
What countries for hunting are most interesting for Nordic hunters (Norwegian, Sweedish, Danish...)?
Only hunting in Europe, only in Africa or both; safaris, roe deers, big red deers, driven big game, ibex, chamois...?
Always had this questions on my mind...

Thank you with advance.
Have a great weekend.
Norway, Sweden and Poland...not neccesarily in that order..
Anywhere with Roe deer!
Norway, Sweden and Poland...not neccesarily in that order..

Pondoro ,
what are his real chances in Norway or Sweden ?
Paid hunts are not very popular in these countrys.
OK,moose in Sweden,this is a thing, always done by the locals communitys and you know the rare chance there to get one .
No Wolves .No bears for him.
Roebuck is excellent in Schonen/Sweden,but the price there is for specialists and millionarys only.
Driven boar hunt in Sweden or Norway.......
Its very difficult, when you have no private contacts in those countrys.
I would go to Poland .
They have big experience with guests from the whole world and that over decades.
The most interesting hunt is roedeer,hare and fox hunted with small dogs
like tax or swedish drever in forest areas.
Elk hunt in Sweden are more like military maneuvers .
The problem is the wolves that make this kind of hunt impossible.:(
Iceland you can hunt reindeer - Ptamagrian and Geese of course - also you can hunt all the seabirds inc puffin -

P.M. me for further details

Thank you for the replies guys!
My start question is because called my attention nordic hunters not focus their hunts in Spain, however I think that is a perfect destination for they: similar species, small game with dogs, good density of roe deer, big deers, great boars, excellent driven hunt for big game (montería)...and a perfect combination of dates because hunting in Spain is perfectly realizable during the winter.
However for beach holidays is a great destination for they!;) Hunting and beach is possible too...:)

Juan S.

I like to add some species to that list: birds like black grouse or cabercallie. If you call kudu as a grey chost, I call male cabercallie a black chost. Many times it sits in the tree or in ground and let you walk over, and flyes away behind you. And take off sounds like helicopter. it can weight 5 to 6 kg. Beaverhunt is also possible here in Finland
There's also Croatia for the deer and boar I went out in 2005 some very good animals out there
JuanS, this agent offer huntng in Norway, Sweden and Poland and other countries...Africa included...he is based in Norway..

He is very serious and his prices are also competitive...he has a good reputation..

PS - I have no business incentive with him, just for the record..
See that link on the computer. I can't make my phone translate it, but I'll try again later

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