Proposed Amendments of CITES Appendices

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    Proposed Amendments of CITES Appendices

    The attached pdf document was sent to me by Dr. Rolf Baldus, President of CIC Commission Tropical Game.

    The CIC – International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation recognizes CITES as a vital instrument for the conservation of species and habitats. CIC and its Members in 84 countries take a proactive stake in the implementation of CITES. It is the declared policy of the CIC to exclude severe offenders of CITES regulations from the ranks of its membership.

    We underline the vital role of CITES as a key instrument to govern the trade in endangered species. Yet, CITES should not be misused to attempt the regulation of non-trade issues in the context of species’ conservation.

    This small publication is a modest contribution of the CIC to assist the Parties to CITES to make science-based, informed decisions. It aspires to avoid emotionally- induced influences which disregard sustainable use as the basis of human co-existence with nature.

    The CIC emphasizes - as part of its policy foundation - to respect the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples and local communities. This definitely includes their right to access and sustainably use their natural resources!

    No CITES decision should ever forget that!
    Dieter Schramm
    CIC President

    Source: International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation

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