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Sep 21, 2010
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Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa
Dear AH Members
Hope you all doing well...

I am CJ Prinsloo from ETH DVD Productions and we make trophy hunting DVDs...
I have a proposal for you that is a gr8 deal...

I want to offer you a promotional and marketing DVD that is worth R 12 000-00 for R 5 000-00 plus a few non-trophy animals...

I am looking to hunt a few animals this year and I want to know if any outfitter or PH would be interested in doing a trade swap for the balance of the R 12 000-00
where you give me a few animals to hunt (non-trophy animals) and I in return I will give you a promotional marketing DVD that is worth R 12 000-00 and I will update your promo marketing DVD for the next two years for free...

The promotional DVD will be edited and completed with all music and your details and I can post it on You Tube for you, I do that for most of my clients that has used my services in the past...

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you need any info regarding this deal and to go look at my website.
Hope to hear from you soon...

Take care and have a nice day.

CJ Prinsloo
Cell: +27 76 1662 938
Cell: +27 76 4854 339



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