I think the media and people are giving too much attention to this Chinese balloon deal. It's really not that big of deal. The CCP is simply testing or probing. Call it a "Trial Balloon." :E Happy: :A Stirring:
I think the media and people are giving too much attention to this Chinese balloon deal. It's really not that big of deal. The CCP is simply testing or probing. Call it a "Trial Balloon." :E Happy: :A Stirring:
The CCP already knows that Biden is a spineless pussy. They are simply testing the waters.
It only took 10 days for the brain trust of D.C to find the courage to do it.

Meanwhile.....in China.

I suspect there was a phone call from CCP to Bozo Bidet letting him know that all the information gathered by the balloon had been downloaded to the mainland so now it was okay for the US to shoot the balloon down and maintain the appearance that the US military is tough.
Studying the shootdown video, the F-22 pilot seems to have put that missile right through the payload or the attachment structure. That should start a host of new conspiracy theories. :A Me You:

To nip that in the bud a little, at that altitude and that close to a crowded bit of shoreline, they opted for a missile. There is little heat signature, so I would assume it would have been an AMRAM series air-to-air missile which is active radar homing. The balloon has little radar return - the payload a great deal. If it was an AIM, series then again the metallic structure would have given off the most heat.
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I have not seen the video yet, but wouldn’t make more sense to punch some small bullet holes in the ballon to bring it down slowly for a better chance of collecting the parts?
What about cost too? Why not use relatively cheap bullets vs an expensive missile?
Corn pop!
On negotiations

Russia has always been good at lying. They've made it into such an institutional art form that they, like most who compulsive lie, actually believe their lies. What is amazing to me is how many in the west cling to the idea that they can actually negotiate something meaningful with people who have no intention or history of following through on their commitments. Watching Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia vehemently oppose Russian aggression in Ukraine should give Western Europe pause as these countries are subject matter experts on dealing with Russians and Russian occupation. They know well that nothing that comes out of Moscow can be trusted..

Putin created this mess and until he's ready to seriously negotiate, the war will continue. His idea of negotiations are nothing more than a suicide pact for Ukraine.. Putin wants all the territory he annexed, plus a guarantee that Ukraine will be neutral and demilitarized. Why would Ukraine ever agree to that when based on previous experience, they know 5 years, 10 years down the road they'll be taken over by the Russians? The only successful way to end this is for any treaty to include a security guarantee to Ukraine with teeth in it, anything less is simply kicking the can down the road until Putin or some other strongman decides to resume the conflict.
The F-22 pilot that shot done the balloon, if he gets 4 more will he be an ace?

I'm thinking Tom Cruise is already thinking about Top Gun 3


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