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    Hello everybody, I have the following deal available in Namibia:

    7 day and 5 hunting days at US$ 2,450.00
    5 non-trophy animals
    Can be any of the following animals:
    - Eland / Kudu / Blue Wildebeest /Red Hartebeest / Oryx / Duiker / Warthog / Steenbok.
    PH will decide the animals to be taken, can be more than one of a particular specie).
    Trophy animals can be hunted at normal rate without any extra charges on day fees.
    Airport transfers inclusive.

    This hunt will take place in the Northern parts of Namibia and Tobie Engelbrecht from Engelbrecht Safaris are the outfitter.

    Dates available
    1-14 Sept
    October and November.
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