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    Hi All

    Come and join us for this 10 day safari. We will start by hunting our 75 000 acres Karoo Concession for the first five days. Here one will see lots of animals such as 800+ Cape Eland, 1000+ Blue Wildebeest. Here you can get good quality trophies.

    Then we move down to the coast for the next leg, here we will do some hunting as well as one day township tour in one of the townships close by. We will also be donating some of the meat from animals hunted at the Coastal Concession to some of the Soup Kitchens and kindergardens in the township.

    11 days total 10 days hunting.

    Animal included in the package:

    1x Cape Eland
    1x Cape Kudu
    1x Gemsbuck
    1x Red Hartebeest
    1x Blue Wildebeest
    1x Impala
    1x Cape Bushbuck
    1x Warthog
    2x Cull Warthog
    2x Cull

    Total package price: 11 000.00 US Dollars

    Included in package:

    All animals in package
    All accommodation
    All South African beverages in moderation
    Daily laundry services
    All roads traveled during the hunt
    Service of Professional hunter and Skinner
    Rifle if needed
    1 day Township tour

    Not Included:

    All flights
    Entry fees at Non hunting activities
    Imported spirits
    Taxidermy work

    Note: full fees is payable for wounded and lost animals

    20200317_180853.jpg 20191111_082805.jpg 20191110_084508.jpg 20190704_120715.jpg 20190703_121132.jpg 20190701_110544.jpg 20190704_123352.jpg 20190710_092810.jpg IMG-20200623-WA0018.jpg IMG-20190708-WA0007.jpg IMG-20200623-WA0019.jpg
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