SOUTH AFRICA: Plain Game With LJ SAFARIS In South Africa


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Dec 11, 2018
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I have just returned from my very first hunting trip to South Africa. I booked a plain game with @LJ SAFARIS in Eastern Cape. I have been hunting in two areas - Karoo and Makana, while using several game reserves. I succeded to hunt 9 animals in 7 days. Black Wildebeest, Mountain Reedbuck, Waterbuck, Nyala, Impala, Cape Bushbuck, Steinbuck, Sable and Warhog. First three days, we spent in a wonderfull mountain landscape Karoo hunting Black Wildebeest, Mountain Reedbuck and Waterbuck. The rest of the trip and of course remaining animals we hunted in the several location in Makhanda/Grahamstown vicinity.

All the staff were first class, Juan and Lauren (the owners of the LJ Safaris) are one the best professionals I have ever met.
I met in person Juan at the Port Elisabeth Airport and was accompanied by him all the time untill my departure from Port Elisabeth. I must admit that the time spent with Juan was one of the best hunting trips in my entire life (and I did quite some hunting).

The lodge and food were the best quality in both areas.
Rifle I used was rented from Juan and it was in a perfect condition.
Flights from and to continental Europe to/from Johanesburg with Lufthansa and Swissair were on time without any issues. For entering of SAR you still need covid test or vaccination certificate.

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Congratulations on a wonderful Safari!
Lauren and Juan do a great job. I am very glad you had a great hunt with them as well!
Congrats on a great hunt !
nicely done congrats
Sounds like a wonderful experience for you!
Sounds like you had a great hunt. Congrats
Congratulations on a successful FIRST safari. Thanks for posting.
Congrats on a successful hunt on your chosen animal species. Sounds like a great trip

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