Owning Multiple Rifles from the Same Manufacturer?

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Apr 19, 2017
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Hertford, NC
I have had a whole bunch of stuff over the years. Winchester, Remington, Ruger, Weatherby, CZ, Mauser of many models, Mosin-Nagant, HK, and lord knows what else. I try to just find what feels good to my shooting style (and eye appeal). After Ruger changed to the MK II I gave up on them as they just never felt right after that. Also never warmed up to Remington. I do own 3 different makes of .270 Winchester (Ruger, Savage, and Weatherby) along with a .270 Weatherby Mag in a MK 5. I have yet to warm up to the Weatherby MK 5 because plastic and SS are ugly. My thoughts go along this line, get what does what you need in terms of calibers in the same action and the fill up whatever you want to play around with. Then get rid of the ones you don't want.


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Apr 27, 2017
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:) Can relate to many of these posts! Based on all the various rifles/calibers I've owned and shot, a few seem better to me. I have built and have had built quite a few custom and semi-custom rifles over the years. But if comparing a good factory rifle to a good custom rifle- the lines gray somewhat as to which is the better tool.

For me it's hard to beat the basic CRF Winchester M70 for hunting. I've had and shot quite a few pre-64 M70s and they are generally very good but don't seem any better nor more useful nor more accurate than the ones made in the early 2000s. I've read about a slump of QC sometime in the late New Haven rifles but I haven't experienced it. All those later M70s were still made with quite a bit of hand labor and with machines that were old with some having to be re-set after each shift to correct runout. I suppose if an employee got lazy it would cause a problem- I just never saw one.

I had a new post New Haven, FN M70. I shot it quite a bit so we had some mileage- it was OK. Seemed reliable enough and within average accuracy potential of all the M70s I've been around. I did not care for the MOA trigger, however. We never "bonded" so It was in a group of my earlier liquidations- a few years ago. :)

Thinking back on all the actions and rifles, a few stand out for impressive workmanship in the category of "factory or military factory rifle". In no particular order- Chilean M1895 7mm Mauser made by Loewe (Berlin), a couple of the Mexican War - Civil War era rifle muskets made by US armories like Springfield or contractors like Whitney, an M1950? FN Mauser, CRF Winchester M70s in 375 HH and 416 Rem Mag made in the early to mid 2000s, some of the early Winchester lever guns in Models like 1876, 1873, 1892, 1886 and 71. While I had several reliable M1894s and still have one, they always seemed to be the "rattle battles" of the Win lever group and not my favorites. The "odd feller" of the Winchester lever group IMO was the M1895. Cumbersome as all get out to carry, not the best geometry for heavy recoil but really a very strong action with better than average smooth cycling. Of all the M1895s I had, the best shooter by far and the one I liked the best was in the nearly instantly obsolete caliber of 35 Winchester. :) With a good bullet and proper loading, mine was as impressive if not more so than the famous 405. The 405 I had was pristine in nearly unfired condition and was 1st year production. And last but not least- the Winchester lever gun and caliber that impressed me in the same way the M1895 in 35 Winchester did was the M1876 in 45-75. All three I had were impressive shooters!


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Nov 8, 2011
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So I think I am about to commit to acts of rifle sacrilege. First, I am looking at buying a non-Weatherby rifle in a Weatherby cartridge. Second, I am looking at buying the same model rifle that I already own. The rifle in question is a Dakota Arms model 76 in .257 Weatherby.

I was just wondering if y'all have a personal rule against owning too many rifles from the same manufacturer or at least in the same model. My Dakota is the nicest rifle I have ever owned but I still feel bad picking up another simply because there are so many great rifle manufacturers out that it seems like a waste to just have all of my guns in the same model from the same manufacturer.

Obviously this is a rather ridiculous question and is ultimately inconsequential but I just want to know if anyone else thinks like I do about this.
I see no issue with own rifles of the same manufacturer. Nor do I see any issue with identical rifles in the same cartridge, scopes, stocks, etc. I like rifles.
But, there are only a handful of the mass manufactured rifles that I like. So having more than the one of the same, with the same modifications, is pretty much unavoidable.

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Apr 10, 2020
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I don’t really have any brand alliance other than I like a quality product. I do have a definite preference for Mannlicher stocks. As I get older I find myself gravitating to older classic rifles. The older guns just seem to fit me better now. They are not as accurate but accurate enough to keep the freezer full. Every year for the last 5 or 6 I pick 2 rifles to use until they make meat then back in the cabinet and pick another. Saturday the Savage 99 F in 308 and I get reacquainted. Next up is the Ruger 77 RSI in 250 savage. If it raine the remington model 14 in 30 rem will take me for a walk. Variety is the spice of life. To me at least brand is far down the criteria list.

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