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Sep 16, 2011
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Greetings all

This is my first post; really like this forum & website. I hunted Namibia last year, 1st time in Africa-- had a great time w/plainsgame. I'm headed to Zim nxt summer (want to experience unfenced Africa) & especially want to bag a big spotted hyena...Have any members tried using predator calls? I'm thinking a fawn or rabbit in distress would get their attention...I know baiting is popular but I'd like to avoid sitting in a blind over bait; much prefer to move & call...

Many thanks, -joester (Pennsylvania)

welcome to AH...

When hunting if you do not want to be in a blind or using a spot achieve your goal you will need luck...

I was not looking to obtain one and we bumped into them 3 days and we were with in 30 yards when we spotted each other and they stood there looking at us...

But like anything else when you are not looking for the animal you will run across them many times...and when you are looking for them you will not find hide nor hare of them...

good luck in your quest...
Welcome Joester
I have hunted Hyena a number of times by just calling them, the area we did hunt had a very good numbers, and i am sure that was the reason for our success. We did call on morning at about 7 and within 20 minutes we got a big Hyena. They can be very clever at times. But take your time i am sure you will get one by calling.
Welcome to the forum, Joester !
One of our PH's called one in to 8 yards. Pretty amazing stuff. No pictures though.
So it can be done.
He just used his voice nothing store bought.
Hyena are often taken in the morning on absolute first light on big boned bait. You will likely not sit long and in fact you might shoot on the walk in. The trick is to pick a wild concession and use a quality scope like Schmidt&Bender.
Welcome to AH joester! Good luck on your hunt.
Thanks for all of the helpful advice, I really appreciate it and knew I'd get it here. I'll be chasing hyena, buspig, & warthog (and I reckon some other critters) next summer in the Bubye Valley Conservancy. (I hope this post "goes through", I tried one yesterday but it ended up in cyberspace computer skills are not a strong point!)
Hyenas, just like other predators will react to basically any animal sound in distress. Good luck.

welcome to AH.
Hyena are a very inquisitive, that is our advantage. They are baited and called.
Quite a few are shot after dark. They usually use 3 calls. One a hyena call to call his mates, then an animal in distress and then when the hyena is near the call they use is when the hyena are at the kill. You must get a good shot in when it is close. If you miss then you have to start all over again some where else. These guys are clever. Your optics have to be good! Good luck!
Thanks for the helpful info; I'd heard that hyenas respond to many different prey-in-distress calls...I couldn't quite tell from your reply- - Does anyone you're aware of manufacture a call specific for hyenas?

Thanks, -joester

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