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Dec 3, 2013
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My son and I booked a management hunt in mid January with Phillip and @Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris. This would be my fourth trip to Africa and my son's third. In the past we had hunted Limpopo and the East Cape. Not sure what to expect in Namibia and a management hunt, but since we both had the trophies we wanted and no longer room for more we decided on a cull/management hunt. After the typical go around, seat change and excuses from Delta regarding our economy comfort bookings..which by the way is the most stressful part of our
trips to Africa..we arrived in Joberg on July 1o, flight 200 Delta. Met by Mr X we cleared SAPS quickly and proceeded to Afton House for our flight out the next morning to Windhoek on problems.
Arrived Windhoek, interesting airport, walk to and from the terminal to the planes, and wait forever for your luggage to arrive on the conveyor. after 45 minutes luggage and rifles cleared and on our way.. Met by Jan, Phillips younger brother, with a 1 hour ride to the farm and greeted by Phillip, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback..VooDoo. Got setteled into a newly updated private lodge(very nice) and then sighted in the rifles for the next day....all in order. A sundown trip to the mountains and back to the main house for Dinner. Dinner each evening around the Dining table with a fireplace backdrop at one end and the bar at the other...What more could you ask for. Wild game each evening and superbly served and prepared.
The next morning we met with our individual PH and drivers. Both my son and I were ready for the excursion, but did not expect what we encountered for the next ten days.....tons of game, great country, super guides with eyesight like I have not encountered before...they were seeing game without binoculars that I could barely see with binoculars..I will not bore with little details, but these guys were superb.. We discovered why Mountain Zebra are called Mountain Zebra...and there are plenty of mountains and the hunt is truly challenging. We were fortunate to cull a number of animals in the mornings that we "took the afternoon off" on three different days. Kept the skinners busy and Phillip's trip to the Butchery on schedule. Everyone, and truly mean everyone...Abid, Issac, the drivers, the kitchen staff and house staff.....Phillip, Jan. Carsten, Malte, Dietrich and of course Theresa were a true joy to be around and to experience this hunt. I can not think that it could have been better than it actually was...Great people, Great hunt, Memorable experiences. A regret of the hunt, we may have introduced Jan, Phillip and crowd to the vice of Tennesee Whiskey in the form of "OldFashions"..Ofcourse the Mojitos on the Mountain top Sundowner the second evening was the true experience. These guys are young, hardworking, dedicated and techno savy with a wealth of knowledge and were a true joy to spend time with. Check out the Facebook you tube just posted.
Sounds like a great time! Can you share some of the species you guys were able to take and some pics?
Sounds like you guys had way too much fun.
I get the "taking time off". Someone has to process what you shoot.

You can link the video right here.
The Facebook video was produced by Malte Scotland while visiting Phillip and Jan. A great young guy with a knack with go pro. He did that after we left with Theresa, a young lady from Germany working on a magazine article. She was a joy and very good shot with her own 308. Go to Khomas Highland on Facebook for the video. He is in the process of editing a video of my sons morning hunt. We will post when available.
What an excellent time pulling the trigger! This was really excellent learning each time just where to put the bullet. I'm sure they were from all different angles?
Thanks for sharing!

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