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Feb 21, 2022
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Received my crate Friday afternoon and got them all hung up yesterday. African Wildlife Artistry did a great job on the taxidermy at a fair price. Could not be happier. Time to save up for the next adventure.
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A fine looking display of your adventure and time on safari. Congrats on a great hunt and the memories it will provide the rest of your life.
Very nice!
Good looking wall! It's a wonderful feeling looking at each animal, and reliving the experience.
Well done!

Got a question. Any photos of your rug? I am curious based on the little that shows.
Awesome wall! How bad was shipping on that crate?
Been getting air freight estimates for later this year. I am curious if you would share what the air freight bill was. In particular, the crate dimensions, weight and port of entry. Also who the shipper was? Thanks.
I am curious on the logistics on this very nice load of animals. Surprised that all those fit together in the crate. Really curious if you had to go through all of the hoops compared to shipping back hides and horns?
I had 8 shoulder mounts and 2 wall pedestals. Shipped on Turkish air from eastern cape SA. It arrived in Houston late on a Friday so it didn’t clear until Monday. Weight was 152kg. Dimensions were 157x124x116 cm. Cost was $4517 to get it to Houston from Africa. It was an additional $2100 to get it cleared and delivered to my house. $ 800.00 of that $2100 was for storage( 4 days at 200.00 per day). So total cost for total shipping, clearing, storage and delivery to my home was about $6600. Used John from trophy shippers to clear and deliver to my home. Everyone involved was great to deal with. Storage was explained to me up front and seems to be the norm. Hope this helps.
Great bunch of animals there. Thank you for sharing your shipping info. I am about a week away from my mounts getting to the exporter.

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