MEXICO: Sonora X 3

Congrats on a fine deer. Three separate efforts to get him - a fork horn might have been looking pretty good.
I have been thinking of a Sonora desert mule deer hunt. I am a bit ambivalent - not because of 'security' (I have traveled over much of Northern Mexico and Baja), but I am concerned about the quality of the hunt v. prices.
Great point! In my humble opinion it’s not worth it!
Hey folks, just returned from Sonora Mexico for my third attempt at desert mule deer, as pictured not what you would expect to take in Sonora but when the deer jumps up and runs and have no time to really look at it and when the guide says shot!!! You shoot. Was the last day of hunting and deer movement was horribly bad. No one else saw a buck in 6 days…Disappointed but with two unsuccessful attempts at least I punched my tag. Still haven’t decided weather to mount it. Hopefully I can return and try for a bigger boy and add coues deer.
Congrats, he's a nice deer. However, I understand what you're going through. For me, if I have to talk myself into a mount, I'm usually disappointed some time after the fact. With that said, if you think this may be your last trip to Mexico, I wouldn't think twice and would mount him.

I was down there last year (second week of January) with 7 other hunters in camp. We ended up at 50% success with a couple guys that didn't shoot because they were holding out for something better. The others had opportunities but they didn't work out. My bunk mate from Texas shot a 205 the year before so he was one of them looking for something bigger. He did go back this year and took a beautiful 209. This was the week before Christmas and I couldn't make it with him.

You mentioned you just got back... do you always go this late in the season? I think you might have better luck earlier on, in a different area, or different outfit. I shot mine on day 2 and spent the remaining 4 days hunting Couse. At first I wasn't all that excited about it but, after the first day I was hooked. That was a blast!! Never did get one but that was a fun and exciting hunt during the rut.
A 205 and then a 209 on return. That's pretty good luck. As much as I love a big mulie, I like the odds of chasing Coues and believe me, when you find a 100" or better you are jazzed!
A 205 and then a 209 on return. That's pretty good luck. As much as I love a big mulie, I like the odds of chasing Coues and believe me, when you find a 100" or better you are jazzed!
Agreed... a lot of luck. With this outfit it looks like a couple a year break the 200 mark out of a dozen or so hunters from my calculations. I'll go back someday but with a whole new perspective on Coues. Fun stuff.
You make a good point, ie, 3 trips to get a decent buck for other places, but everyone really builds expectations for monsters in Mexico. I suffered the same hunting Kodiak for bear…2 expensive trips and no bear! I can’t afford a 3rd at today’s prices.
That said, I think you did well 6 days and not seeing a thing only to jump at the only opportunity. You have definitely made a valiant effort with 3 trips!
I've been to Sonora 3 times, got really lucky once. You have to be really, really careful down there, as many of these so called "lightly hunted" ranches are not that way at all. Poaching is rampant, ranch managers are dishonest and chase the almighty US $$$. Sad reality, but that's the way it is.
Sorry you aren’t 100% happy with your hunt! He’s still a great looking Mulie.

Out for curiosity, are you more displeased with the trophy quality, or was the whole experience a little lacklustre?
I booked a trophy mule deer hunt in Sonora Mexico with a very well known outfitter for $16,000.00 . A few months later he called and said lease prices were up and the best ranches were $18,500.00. I told him I wanted to cancel. Took me 3 phone calls/ 9 months to get my deposit returned.
Looks like a fine deer to me JB. We sometimes take what the bush provides, and I think you did just that. Biggest in the world? No. But, you made a snap shot on a good buck and I would not be apologetic in the least. Congrats my friend!
In my book, this is awesome! Congrats!
Hi, Johnnyblues. Congratulations on your mule deer buck after the third attempt.

Your earlier post that says, in effect, “…the outfitter recommended that we stay inside our hotel rooms until sunrise…” speaks volumes.

Enough from me. Congratulations again, TheGrayRider.
Last May I traveled the remotest parts of the Sierra Madre Occidental for 2 weeks by 4x4 vehicle. Camped out most nights, ate in camp or small town restaurants and enjoyed every minute. The people are friendly and I had no problems. I think Mexico suffers from bad press.

I have also taken my boat south in Baja to the East Cape and fished for a month. My boat was parked on the street in a small village and was never molested.

There are some bad folks in Mexico, certainly, as there are in nearly every country but if you don’t make yourself a target you will avoid problems.
Nice sweater. I think I have the same one. LL Bean?

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